The 2009 2010 Breckenridge Beer Festival is being held July 18th, 2009, don't miss this awesome event.

The 2009 Breckenridge Beer Festival will be held from 1-6 at Main Street Station at the south end of town, next to the village at Breckenridge. This is the fourth annual beer fest and they have been getting better every year. Each year more brewers come, this year 26 breweries will be represented at the beer fest, each with their own style and flavor.

To enjoy the Breckenridge Beer Festival you must purchase a mug. They come in regular for $30 for unlimited tastings, and VIP which includes a commemorative mug, lunch buffet, and VIP room access for $55. I would highly recommend the VIP package as lunch will cost you about $15-$20 anyway. Plus it is great to be able to interrupt the beer slamming with a bite to eat when you start to "feel it".

There are also three bands playing during the event- The Pimps of Joytime, Oakhurst, and the Luv Brothers. SO come, drink, eat, jam out, and have a great time in Breck.

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