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As a member Of the Community Associations Institute, and holder of the Certified Manager of Communications designation (CMCA), Breckenridge Resort Managers is your trusted and qualified resource for management of your Homeowners Association. With our own in-house cleaning and maintenance staff, professional accounting systems and partners, and a dedication to punctual and professional management, we can quickly convert your association from passively, to actively managed within months.

Our management does not stop with paying bills and fixing issues reported to us. We actively seek out ways to improve operations, budget, and planning components of your HOA, giving your ownership comfort in knowing their association is primed for success. We employ proper maintenance and reserve schedules for all of our HOA’s, ensure appropriate reserve funding, look closely after budgets, and discover maintenance issues before they become assessments.

If you are looking for active, professional, and uniquely qualified HOA management, please contact us to see how we can help you find a better solution for the needs of your association. Our job is your community.

ALERT- House Bill 1277 will require the licensure of community association managers and management company executives, just made it through the legislative process yesterday and will soon be sent to the Governor’s desk. CMCA is one of four pre-authorized qualifications which will be considered acceptable licensure to manage your HOA. Breckenridge Resort Managers is one of but a handful of CMCA designees in Breckenridge, and we are ready to manage your HOA today.

CMCA - Certified Manager of Community Associations

CMCA Standards for Conduct

This is the only national certification program designed exclusively for managers of homeowner and condominium associations and cooperatives. To obtain the CMCA certification, a candidate must demonstrate basic knowledge in many areas of community management, including:

  • Governance/legal matters
  • Budgets, reserves, investments, and assessments
  • Risk management and insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Contracting
  • Meetings management
  • Human resource management

NBC-CAM - National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers

Their main function is to ensure that community association managers practice with professionalism, integrity and knowledge.

CAI - Community Associations Institute

This organization is dedicated better communities. They provide information, education and resources to community managers and homeowner leaders.

Toby Babich Owner of Breckenridge Resort Managers & VRMA President speaks about the new right to rent initiative:

VRMA President Toby Babich discusses the importance of protecting the vacation rental industry through strong advocacy efforts—and our community’s duty to contribute to those efforts. 

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