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Updated breckenridge snow report - 3/30/2009
Posted by toby | Monday, March 30, 2009

Updated Snow Report for Colorado ski areas- Breckenridge, Vail, Heavenly, Keystone, Beaver Creek for March 30th, 2008. Current snow conditions-

Breckenridge ski area
Mid mountain base- 76 inches Up from 52 last month
Total snowfall- 253 inches
100% of 2,378 acres open

Vail ski area
Mid mountain base- 73 inches
Total snowfall- 379 inches
100% of 5,289 skiable acres is open

Heavenly ski area
Mid mountain base- 88 inches
Total snowfall- 348 rideable inches
98% open

Keystone ski area
Mid mountain base- 60 inches
Total snowfall- 192 inches
100% open

Beaver Creek Ski area
Mid mountain base- 78 inches
Total snowfall- 346 inches
100% open

We had 4 beautiful weeks starting mid February. NO snow, sunny days, 40-50 degrees every day, it was almost like summer. However it was peak ski season, and many of us here were bummed. The thought of packing up skis and unpacking shorts had crossed my mind. But alas, Ullr always comes through in the clutch. We have had 34 Inches of snow in the last week, 3 feet, 5 inches a day, and it has stayed. The snow has fallen, temperatures have dropped, and the skiing is great. Many of you may have given up on this season, like I had, but trust me, the snow is beautiful and we are scheduled to get more during this week. Don't delay, reserve your Breckenridge lodging today. , for vacation rental homes and condos to accommodate you during your stay.

Cheapest places to get Breckenridge ski area lift tickets
Posted by toby | Sunday, March 15, 2009
Almost every guest that we have asks the same questions about their Breckenridge vacation. The most common is, "Where do we get lift tickets?". I will go a step further in this post and tell you where to get the cheap Breckenridge lift tickets.

1. If you are going to come out and ski more than 6 days in any season, buy a pass. You can pick up a pass for $500-$579 depending on which one you get.

  • Epic Pass- Unlimited access to Breckenridge, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, Vail, Beaver Creek, and Heavenly.
  • Colorado Pass- Unlimited access to Breck, Keystone, A-basin, and 10 days at Vail/Beaver Creek and Heavenly.
  • Summit Pass- Unlimited access to Breck, A-Basin, and Keystone.

At $579, for 6 days, the daily price is $96.50. An on mountain ticket, during peak ski season is $92. So, if you ski 6 days or more it is well worth it.

*important note- the ski area quits issuing season passes at discounted rates sometime in December, so if you want one for under $1800 you have to get it early. If you wait too long the price actually goes up to $1,800.

2. Buy at King soopers/City Market on the way in to town-

  • Wheatridge (Denver Area) 3400 Youngfield St. Call (303)238-6486 for the latest pricing.
    Directions: When going West on I-70 toward the mountains take exit #264, which is the 32 Ave. / Youngfield St. Exit. Turn left onto 32nd Ave. then left again onto Youngfield Street. King Soopers will be in the Shopping Center on your right, next to Wal-Mart.
  • City Market in Dillon- 300 Dillon Ridge Rd Dillon, CO 80435. (970) 468-2363
  • City Market in Breck- 400 N Parkway Ave Breckenridge, CO 80424. (970) 453-0818

3. Purchase online through the ski area using their peaks program. Search for Breckenridge lift tickets online.

4. Purchase through a ski rental outfit. Places that just rent skis are given license by Vail to sell tickets at a discount.

  • Columbine ski rental in Dillon- 970-468-5166
  • Breeze Ski rental in Frisco- 970-668-9454

If you are not going to ski more than 6 times and you just want a few days I have some advice for you as well. You are only going to get a discount on a 3 or more day ticket. The mountain will charge a single day rate for less than three days. Also, on the 3 day or more tickets you can use them at Breck, Keystone, or A-Basin. If you buy the one or two day you can only use them at the mountain you buy them for.

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Seven Ways to find a Breckenridge Vacation Rental Deal- Planning your Breckenridge vacation and looking for the best deal on condo rentals?
Posted by toby | Saturday, March 7, 2009
Tips on finding the best lodging deal on a rental home or condo for your Breckenridge vacation
1. Be flexible- If you are able to fill a gap in the middle of the week, postpone your dates by a couple of days, shorten your stay, occupy a larger or smaller Breckenridge rental property than you initially wanted, or even go out of town a bit many lodging companies and owners alike will be able to discount their rates for your vacation rental condo. Being flexible allows a property manager to fit you into their calendar more effectively, meaning savings for you.
2. Stay longer- Shorter vacations are a symptom of the current economic situation, people cannot afford the week long Breckenridge retreat this year. 3 and sometimes 2 night stays over a weekend are becoming more commonplace this year. Because of that you may be able to get a good discount, or a free night if you are staying 5 nights or more. Because lodging companies are attempting to fill weeks and not just weekends they may offer more in savings for a longer stay.
3. Stay frequently- Guests who are able to come to Breckenridge and stay in a vacation home several times in the same season may be able to realize savings through a return guest discount. IF you are able to stay at the same vacation rental condo multiple times in a season, or over the year, a property manager will be more likely to pass on some good savings to you.
4. Be reasonable- Discounts are out there, but realize that people have to make money to consider your offer. Shopping around and low balling every nightly rate will get you nowhere and you are likely to waste a good amount of time and miss out on a good deal by doing so. While you are busy offering $80 a night for a room, someone else could be booking it for $110 a night and keeping you from finding the good deal you are looking for.
5. Wait!- Last minute deals are becoming increasingly easy to find. If you can wait until a week or two before your stay, the lodging you are looking for is ready to cut a deal to get a booking. Caution though, waiting can also backfire on your vacation plan. It is possible to wait too long, or during the wrong season and miss out on you lodging totally. 6. Take a tour- I hate to be an advocate of this, so this is not a recommendation, just info for you. Timeshare companies that are currently selling resort weeks love to give free lodging to people, if you take a tour and subject yourself to a hard sales pitch. This can work for many people who can work the system, but if you are a pushover you might end up leaving your vacation with a week every two years in Breckenridge. 7. Crash- Got a friend in Breckenridge, Florida, California? Pay them a much anticipated visit, I am sure they are more than happy to host a snoring mass on their sleeper sofa for a week. Drop in and surprise is recommended as advanced reservations are not usually taken.
Visit us at for a selection of Breckenridge lodging deals.
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Last minute Vacation Rental and Lodging deals in Breckenridge Colorado, I can get Breckenridge condo for nothing?
Posted by toby | Thursday, March 5, 2009
So you want a deal on Your Breckenridge vacation, who doesn't. You have heard that the rental market is down due to the economy and Breckenridge vacation rentals are dealing out lodging for next to nothing? Do you want the truth?Kind of Due to the downturn in the economy people have lees money to spend, therefore, they can not afford a first class vacation rental condo or townhome in Breckenridge this year. So what are these cash strapped vacationers to do, look for deals. So, are they able to find them? Absolutely, Breckenridge lodging companies and direct rental owners alike have responded to the economic situation by lowering rates in order to increase interest in the vacation accommodations and secure bookings in a slow economy. Bottom line, the deals are out there, and if you look hard enough you can find them. One phrase to keep in mind when shopping- point of diminishing return. As you are out shopping for your last minute Breckenridge vacation deal you must remember that at a certain point it becomes a break even scenario for an owner or lodging company to discount their rates. Here is how it works from a lodging company perspective. 3 night stay in a studio at a discounted rate of $100 a night, $300 total-
total booking cost- $300
60% to the owner- -$180
Cleaning fee- -$50
Credit card processing- -$9
Supplies- -$5
Revenue before office overhead and taxes- $56
Now, with the reality laid out here, ask yourself- "would I rent my place for this much income?" I would imagine the answer is no, if not, I have a great business you may be interested in purchasing, call me!
If you are interested in a last minute deal on a vacation rental in breckenridge, please keep in mind that everyone has to make money for the deal to actually be offered. SO if you plan on offering $80 a night for the 2 br ski in/out condo in Breckenridge, don't expect much.
However, if you are looking for a reasonable deal for your Breckenridge vacation home or condo, visit us at and bid away. We are always looking to make a deal, and make money.
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Breckenridge lodging blog- What is ski free stay free at Breckenridge?
Posted by toby | Monday, March 2, 2009
I want to stay in Breckenridge Colorado, What is ski free stay free?

When Researching you Breckenridge vacation you may run across ads for ski free/stay free. This package does create some confusion for vacationers who don;t really understand what this actually is. It is not a buy one get one free or a buy 2 get one free. You must purchase 3 or more nights of lodging and three or more lift tickets to qualify for a free anything. In order to qualify you must also stay within a certain date range, which is dictated by the Breckenridge ski area and Vail Resorts.

Dates ski free stay free in Breckenridge is available-11/7-11/29, 11/30-12/20, 1/11-1/17, 1/20-2/13, 2/17-3/14, 4/12-4/19

The Breckenridge ski free stay free package in a nutshell-

Purchase 3 or more nights of Breckenridge lodging

Purchase 3 or more lift tickets for Breckenridge Ski area

get 1 night of Breckenridge lodging free

get 1 Breckenridge lift ticket free

Also, with the Resort Managers ski free stay free you will get 1 free day of ski rental if you purchase 3 or more, which makes for a very good deal.

We have a great selection of lodging for late ski season in April, visit us at for additional details on or list of Breckenridge vacation rental homes and condos.
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