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Great places to vacation in the southeast- Florida, Texas, Alabama vacation rentals
Posted by toby | Friday, May 8, 2009
These are some sample seasons and rates for a 2br unit, beachfront, in the southeast region. Region- Southeast- Includes Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The southeast vacation region offers overall warm weather during their summer or “peak “season, which usually lasts from mid April to early September. Most, if not all, vacations in this region are beach and ocean related (excluding Disneyworld). The closer to the mouth of the Mississippi River you get (between TX and LA), the less clear the water becomes. Summer in the sand would define this area the best. The beaches from Orange Beach, AL to the panhandle of FL have warm and clear water and seem to be the most affordable. However, watch out for jellyfish.

South Padre,TX

SPRING 2009 (Mar 01-Mar 28) .. $300/nt
LATE SPRING 2009 (Mar 29-May 21) .. $200/nt
SUMMER 2009 (May 22-Sep 07) .. $300/nt
FALL 2009 (Sep 08-Oct 31) .. $150/nt
WINTER 2009 (Nov 01-Feb 28) .. $125/nt

Orange beach,AL

Spring:.......... Mar 15-Apr 18 .. $250/nt
Late Spring: ..... Apr 19-May 18 .. $180/nt
Summer: .......... May 19-Aug 10 .. $325/nt
July 4th Week .....Jun 28-Jul 06 .. $2520/wk
Early Fall: .......Aug 10-Aug 28 .. $209/nt
Labor Day: ....... Aug 29-Sep 06 .. $213/nt
Fall/Winter: ..... Sep 06-Mar 14 .. $130/nt

Ft. Meyers, FL

Season ......Dec 01-Apr 30 ... $1100/wk
Off Season .. May 01-Nov 30 ... $ 650/wk
Christmas & New Years Weeks ... $1300/wk
Thanksgiving .................. $1200/wk

Miami beach, FL

$ 1295 nt -Dec 1 to Mar 31 - HIGH SEASON
$ 1095 nt - Apr 1 to May 31 - MID SEASON
$ 895 nt - Jun 1 to Sep 30 - LOW SEASON
$ 1095 nt - Oct 1 to Nov 30 - MID SEASON

Daytona beach, FL

February 6 -April 25, 2009 $2295/2wks
April 25 - June 13, 2009 $1995/2wks
June 13 - August 15, 2009 $2395/2wks
August 15 - December 19, 2009 $1995/2wks

Myrtle beach,SC

Jan 01-Mar 05 .................. $ 80/nt
Mar 06-Mar 27 & Oct 01-Dec 31 .. $105/nt
March 27-Apr 29, 2006 ...........$150/nt
Apr 30-May 20 .. $155/nt
May 21-May 31.. $185/nt
Week Starting Jun 7, 14, 21 $1400/wk
June 28 .... $1800/wk
Wk Starting Jul 5, 12, 19, 26 .. $1800/wk
Starting Aug 2, 9 .. $1650/wk
Week Starting Aug 16 & 23 .. $1400/wk
Week Starting Aug 30...... $1100/wk
Sep 6-Sep 30 ................... $135/nt

Emerald isle,NC

Spring 2009: Mar 28-May 15 .. $ 600/wk
Mid Spring: May 16-Jun 05 .. $ 750/wk
Early Summer: Jun 06-Jun 19 .. $ 950/wk
Prime Season: Jun 20-Aug 07 .. $1150/wk
Late Summer: Aug 08-Aug 14 .. $ 950/wk
Mid Fall: Aug 15-Sep 04 .. $ 750/wk
Fall: Sep 05-Nov 06 .. $ 600/wk
Off Season: Nov 07-Mar 26 .. $ 500/wk

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Great places to vacation on the East Coast- Virginia, Vermont, New Jersey vacation rentals
Posted by toby | Friday, May 8, 2009
These are some sample seasons and rates for a 2br unit, beachfront or ski in and out. Region- East Coast- Included in this region are Virginia, New Jersey, Vermont, and Maine. The beach areas from Virginia to Maine all have the same summer season, lasting from June until August. “The Shore” as it is called in some areas, has cooler water and darker beaches than the southeastern region. There are several ski areas concentrated in this region as well in Vermont. The ski season lasts from early December to mid April.

Virginia beach, VA

9/6 -5/15, 9/19-12/31 $175
5/16 -6/12, 8/22-9/18 $250
6/13 - 8/21 $400

Long beach,NJ

Summer $2200/wk
May-Mid-June .............. $1600/wk
Mid-September-October $1500/wk


Early Season: Memorial Day Weekend & Jun .. $ 950/wk
High Season: Jul-Labor Day Week ........... $1200/wk
Fall Foliage Season: Sep 10-Oct 31 ........ $ 950/wk
Off season weekends .. $140/nt

Stratton mtn, VT

Dec 01-Apr 15 $300 weekday..$1100/weekend $2000/wk (Non-Holiday)
May 01-Sep 30 .. $175/night $ 750-$1000/wk (Golf Season)
Oct 01-Nov 15 .. $175/night $ 750-$1000/wk (Fall Foliage)
Holiday Weeks .. $550-$750/night $4000-$5000/wk

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Great places to vacation in Colorado- Breckenridge, Vail, Taos, Utah vacation rentals
Posted by toby | Friday, May 8, 2009

These are some sample seasons and rates for a 2br unit, ski in and out. Region- Rocky Mountains- This area is made up of, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Idaho. All of these states have major ski areas that provide skiing and scenery. The typical ski season begins in November and ends in late April. Most mountain regions have two separate seasons. The summer season, between June and August, offers rafting, hiking, biking, horseback riding, and other activities that provide a great mountain vacation.

Breckenridge, CO

Pre-Holiday (Dec 18-Dec 25) .............. $350/nt
Holiday (Dec 26-Jan 03) .................. $600/nt
Regular (Feb 13-Apr 11................... $425/nt
Value (Jan 04-Feb 12) .................... $350/nt
Super Value (Nov 07-Dec 17 & Apr 13-18) .. $255/nt
Summer (Apr 19-Nov 06) ................... $165/nt

Vail, CO

Early Season ........ Nov 01-Dec 18 .. $275/nt
Holiday Season ........ Dec 19-Jan 04 .. $695/nt
Value Season ........ Jan 05-Feb 09 .. $375/nt
Regular Season ........ Feb 10-Mar 31 .. $475/nt
Value Season ...... Apr 01-May 21 .. $250/nt
Summer/Fall Season ... May 22-Oct 31 .. $175/nt

Steamboat Springs, CO

Early/Late Season Nov 26-Dec 12, Mar 29-Apr 12 $165/nt
Early Holiday Season I Dec 13-Dec 19 ........ $205/nt
Holiday Season I ......Dec 20-Jan 02 .......... $445/nt
Powder Season ...Jan 03-Feb 12, Feb 21-Mar 06 ..$205/nt
Holiday Season II Feb 13-Feb 20, Mar 07-Mar 13 $250/nt
Spring Season .. Mar 14-Mar 28 ................ $290/nt
Value Season (2008)....Apr 07-Nov 25 .......... $140/nt

Taos, NM

SKI SEASON - Opening, Nov-Closing, Apr 2009 .. $250/nt
Holiday Week Christmas Eve-Jan 02, 2009 ...... $350/nt
Apr-Oct 2009 ................................. $175/nt
Jun-Aug 2009 ................................. $125/nt

brains head, UT

Summer ........... May 01-Oct 31 .. $ 75/nt
Winter Weekends .. Nov 01-Apr 30 .. $250/nt
Winter Sun-Thu ... Nov 01-Apr 30 .. $200/nt
Holidays .......................... $275/nt

Eden, UT

Jun 01-Nov 31 ....................... $200/nt
Dec 01-May 31 except Dec 17-Jan 03 .. $250/nt
Dec 17-Jan 03 ....................... $300/nt
Jun 01-Oct 31 ....................... $1250/mo
Nov 01-May 31 ....................... $1700/mo

Schweitzer, ID

Nov 27-Dec 11 .. $240/nt
Dec 12-Dec 18 .. $295/nt
Dec 19-Jan 01 .. $345/nt
Jan 02-Feb 12 .. $295/nt
Feb 13-Feb 15 .. $345/nt
Feb 16-Mar 28 .. $295/nt
Mar 29-Apr 11 .. $240/nt
Apr 13-Nov 21 .. $150/nt

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Great places to vacation in The northwest- Washington and Oregon vacation rentals
Posted by toby | Friday, May 8, 2009
These are some sample seasons and rates for a 2br unit, ski in and out or waterfront. Region- Northwest- Washington and Oregon are included in this area. These states are have costal areas as well as ski areas. The costal areas summer season goes from May to September. Summer activities include fishing, hiking, biking, camping, and boating. The ski areas are mainly concentrated in the central/eastern areas season goes from November to March.

Puget sound,WA- Bainbridge island

Sep 15-May 15 - $200/nt
May 16-Sep 14 - $245/nt

Puget sound,WA- Camano island

Oct. 15-May 14 $175/nt
May 15-Oct. 14 $200/nt

long beach, WA

Winter rates (Oct 01-May 14) - $175/nt
Summer rates (May 15-Sep 30) - $200/nt

Mt. Baker,WA

Apr 01-Nov 20 - $125/nt
Nov 21-Mar 30 - $140/nt
Dec 19-Jan 03 - $220/nt

Crystal mountain, WA

Dec-March $300/nt
April-Nov $200/nt
Christmas $350/nt
Thxgiving $300/nt

Mt. Hood, OR

Apr-Oct -$140/night
Nov-Mar -$160/night
Christmas -$300/nt

Sun River,OR

$119/nt. 10/1 – 12/19; 4/1 – 5/31
$149/nt. 12/20 – 3/31
$179/nt. 6/1 – 9/30

Lincoln, OR

Jun-Sep - $229/nt
Jun-Sep - $1250/wk
Oct-MAY - $149/nt
Oct-MAY - $800/wk
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Great places to vacation on the West coast- California vacation rentals
Posted by toby | Friday, May 8, 2009
These are some sample seasons and rates for a 2br unit, beachfront. Region- West Coast- California makes up this entire area. The water and temperature both get warmer going south down the coast. The summer seasonis between June and September.

Stinson beach, CA

Jun-Sep -$2400/wk
Oct-May -$2100/wk

Santa Cruz,CA

Sep-Apr - $285/nt
May-Aug - $385/nt

Malibu, CA

Oct-May - $2,500/wk
Jun-Sep - $5,000/wk
Holidays- $3,500/wk

Santa Barbara, CA

Jan-Mar - $2600/wk
Apr-May - $2800/wk
Jun-Aug - $3200/wk
Sep-Oct - $2800/wk
Nov-Dec - $2600/wk

Holidays- $3200/wk

Venice Beach,CA

Oct-May - $275/nt
June-Sept - $325/nt

Laguna beach,CA

June 14 -Sept 4 .........$3500/wk
September 5 - March 30 ..$2200/wk
April 1 - June 13 - $2300/wk
Sept 5th - May 30th - $365/nt

Mission beach, CA

Dec 13,'08-Jan 3,'09-$325/nt
Jan 3-Apr 3,'09 -$300/nt
Apr 3-Apr 19,'09 -$350/nt
Apr 19-May 9,'09 -$300/nt
May 9-30,'09 -$375/nt
May 30-Aug 22,'09-$500/nt
Aug 22-Sep 26,'09-$375/nt
Sep 26-Dec.12,'09-$300/nt
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Great places to vacation in the Smokey Mountains- Tennessee vacation rentals
Posted by toby | Friday, May 8, 2009
These are some sample seasons and rates for a 2br unit. Region- Smokey Mountains- Tennessee is home the Smokies, Gatlinburg, and Pigeon Forge. You can find the most beautiful surroundings, but you are also close to the tourist towns. The peak season runs from April through December.


Peak Season 5/24-8/31, 10/1-11/15.$120/nt
Low Season $60/nt
Holiday periods: $130/nt

Pigeon Forge,TN

Jan-March - $135/night
April-Dec - $150/night
June-Oct - $175/night
Holidays - $195/night

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Breckenridge kingdom days- Celebrate our 150 yr history at Kingdom Days in Breckenridge
Posted by toby | Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One of the first large summer events that takes place in Breck is Kingdom days in Breckenridge. Basically, kingdom days is our celebration of the rich 150 year history of Breckenridge. Years ago, during the birth of Breckenridge and through the 1930's, the Omnipotent map makers of the time neglected to put us on national maps. Out of spite, and most certainly in jest, local members of the community adopted the phrase, Kingdom of Breckenridge, in response to this oversight. If you won't recognize us, we will recognize ourselves.

Eventually, those in the mapping industry saw fit to officially recognize Breckenridge as a mappable town. However, the term kingdom of Breckenridge remained on the greeting sign at the south end of town for dozens of years after, symbolizing the unique and defiant nature of the town and the people of Breckenridge.

In Celebration of the town's colorful nature and extended history, Kingdom days is held every year. Festivities include-

The annual Breckenridge town party at the riverwalk center, which includes, food, petting zoo, booze, and games.

-Museum tours of our historic district

-Live music

-An old fashioned gunfight (staged of course, we have progressed as a town over the years)

-The annual outhouse races (yes, that's right)

Check out more about Kingdom days in Breckenridge and find a great place to stay. Visit us at

Until next time
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