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IS Breckenridge property management the same as Vacation rental management?
Posted by toby | Monday, June 15, 2009
The short answer is yes and no. Breckenridge property management and Breckenridge Vacation rental management are very different services, yet they usually coexist as necessary adjuncts to one another. Here is an explanation of what each service actually is, and how they work together to form a common service, commonly known as Breckenridge property management.

Let's explore the less complicated of the two, Breckenridge Property Management. In essence, this type of management boils down to making sure a home is taken care of and maintained for an out of town owner. This type of management does not involve renting the property, only caring for it.

Duties of a Breckenridge property manager include-Weekly checks of the home, reporting any maintenance issues, assisting to correct any maintenance issues, cleaning of the home as requested, maintaining utilities, and responding to any emergency calls.

Breckenridge Vacation Rental Management is a totally different type of management. This type of management revolves around short term renting an owners property to generate income for the owner. This is done with most second homes in Breckenridge and usually offsets some of the expense of owning a second home.

Breckenridge vacation rental management consists of the following- Marketing a property for rent, responding to potential guest inquiries, booking nights in the home, collecting payment, checking in/out guests, ensuring guests do not cause any damage or loss to the property, providing guest services to enhance vacations, scheduling housekeeping following guest vacations, reporting maintenance issues, correcting maintenance issues, billing owners for expenses, disbursing payment of revenue to owners, accounting for all revenue and preparing financial documents for tax purposes.

As you can see, Breckenridge property management and Breckenridge Vacation rental management are very different. The vacation rental part is much more complicated and labor intensive than the plain property management. However, they do share some of the same responsibilities, for instance- Maintaining the property, checking for maintenance issues, repairing maintenance issues, cleaning.

Most owners that rent their property through a rental agency get both Breckenridge property management as well as vacation rental management. Every time a guest vacations at an owners property, all the responsibilities of a property manager are carried out as part of the vacation rental.

So, if you are looking for Breckenridge property management services, or Breckenridge Vacation Rental Management services, Resort Managers can do either or both. We have a wide variety of management plans that include full service management to a single clean. We would be happy to provide you with a proposal or answer any questions you may have. You can also visit for additional details on our programs.
Contact info-
Toby Babich

Breckenridge film festival-Breckenridge festival of film
Posted by toby | Thursday, June 11, 2009
This year the Breckenridge festival of film begins June 11th and lasts until June 14th. This year marks the 29th Annual Breckenridge Festival of Film, as well as the 150th anniversary of Breckenridge. The Breckenridge Film Festival has been a longstanding tradition in Town, and it never fails to disappoint the movie junkies that attend. A wide variety of films are screened during the Breckenridge Film Festival, in several locations. A schedule for the Breckenridge film festival is below.

Thursday, June 11
Indie movies playing all day long from 10am-4pm
4pm at the Breckenridge Theatre-Peaks on the Past by Wendy Wolfe
7pm at the skyline theatre in Dillon- Whatever Works
9pm at River Mountain Lodge-President’s Party

Friday June 12th at the Breckenridge Film Festival
9-3 Indies at the speakeasy
3-11 Independent Films and filmmaker questions
6pm at Skyline Theatre, Dillon -answer man
9pm at the Skyline Theatre, Dillon- What Goes up

Super Saturday June 13- Breckenridge Festival of Film
9-3 Indies at the speakeasy
3-11 Independent Films
9-11 Film Studies
10-11Films from Summit High School students
3pm at the Skyline Theatre, Dillon- Race to Witch Mountain
6pm at the Skyline Theatre, Dillon- Paper Heart
9pm at the Skyline Theatre, Dillon- Hump Day
7pm Open Mic Night– Cecilia's, Breckenridge

Final day Of the Breckenridge Film Festival Sunday June 14th
10-3 Best of Fest Films at the Speakeasy
5 Breckenridge Film Festival Awards Ceremony
6 at the Skyline Theatre, Dillon- In the Loop
8:30 Breckenridge Festival of film closing Party at the Blue River Bistro

If you are looking for lodging during you film fest experience, please visit us at

Breckenridge lodging, do you know where to stay in Breckenridge?
Posted by toby | Friday, June 5, 2009

Recently I was doing research for an article on vacation destinations and came to the realization that "fiddler's knee is a great place to vacation" did not tell me anything about Fiddler's knee. Some sites would go beyond that, "Fiddler's knee is a great place to vacation during the summer, it is warm and you can do stuff". Many of the places I found did not give me a tangible idea of where I could be going or what it had to offer if I did. How confusing for those travellers looking to vacation in a new area, off putting is more like it.

Many of you out there researching your vacation and what sort of Breckenridge lodging you would like to stay in may find yourself in a similar mindset to the one I just described. "Breckenridge is a great ski town, bring your jacket", may not cut it for you and leave you with a sense of anxiety about what Breckenridge Lodging you would like to book.

Because I manage Brecknridge lodging and want you to stay in Breckenridge rather that the place you went last year, I thought it wise to describe the Breckenridge lodging segments and the regions they are in. Hopefully it will be a useful tool for any of you out there who are looking for a specific sort of Breckenridge lodging in a specific area.

As I see it, Breckenridge is made up of six distinct regions, North, South, Central, West, East, and Blue River. I will try to explain the benefits and drawbacks of Breckenridge lodging in each. I will also attempt to explain what you can expect from your vacation while staying in each region.

North Breckenridge-Out of town, Mainly homes, some on bus route, some car required, luxury homes, close to amenities, low to high price range

This area includes the Highlands (by the golf course, great for luxurious summer vacations), silver shekel, fairmont residences, kingdom park townhomes, claimjumper, and a few others. This are includes the rec center (pools, fields, parks, courts, gym) the golf course, City Market (our largest grocery store) and the new gondola. Most of the places in this are are single family as opposed to condos and a good amount are long term occupied.

The west side of this area is closest to the stores and gondola, and has the lower end of nightly rates due to most of the homes being older. This area is on the bus route (free) and is within walking distance to many things as well.

The east side is comprised of mainly newer, luxury, single family homes as well as the golf course. These homes will have higher rates, but most of them are very large (sleep 12 or more) and much newer. This is a great place to stay if you don't want to be right in town and need some room (large family vacation). The access to the ski area, dining, and shopping is mainly drive to.

South Breckenridge-Close to town, slopes, Mix of condos and homes, on bus route, walk, variety of places to stay, mid to high price range.

This area of Breckenridge Lodging consists of a wide variety of condos (Mountainwood, Columbine, Powderhorn, Lift, Mariott, Tannenbaum, Corral, Mother Lode), townhomes(village point), And single Family homes (Warriors Mark). Most of the condos are the closest to the ski area, some are even walk to the lifts. As you move south, away from the ski area, you will find more rental homes. The prices are the lowest in the condos and highest on the single family homes.

Central Breckenridge- In town, mainly condos, walk to everything, on bus route, mid to high price range

The central area consists of mainly condos, but there is a wide variety of styles( Village, River Mountain Lodge, Park Place, One Breck Place, Der Steiermark, Sawmill Creek, Tyra, Pine Ridge, Blue Sky, Los Pinos, Pines, mountain thunder lodge). This is a great area if you can handle the action, very busy, especially during the ski season. Rates will vary from low to high depending on where you stay. Condos go from hotel rooms to 4 bedrooms, so you have plenty of choices. You probably won;t need a car if you stay here as you can walk to most anything, or take the free bus. There are a few ski in and out options in this area.

West Breckenridge- Made up of the base mountain lodges and homes at peak 9 and 8, ski in/out, walk to lift, on bus route, Higher end homes for rent, low to high end condos priced accordingly

The west area consists of the base areas of peaks 9 and 8. The base of 8 consists of more luxury homes and the base of 9 consists of mainly condos (Beaver Run). Most of this area is on the bus route, but walking is not a great option, so a car may be a good idea. It is a quieter area as it is not directly in town, and it is as close as you can get to the ski area.

East Breckenridge- Mostly rental homes, some in town, some further out, High price range

This area is made up of historic Breckenridge and many newer homes. There are very few condos in this area. Some of this area is on the bus route, but most of it is not, and most of it is too far to walk. Great views of the ten mile range (which includes our ski area) from the east side of breck.

Blue River- 3-7 miles south of Breckenridge, drive to location, mostly rental homes, low to high end homes, good variety, rural woodsy feel, peace and quiet, reasonable rates

We have several rental homes in this area. Appeals to mid to large size families or groups looking for a reasonable nightly rate without a drop in the quality of the accommodation. 3-7 miles south of the ski area, 5 minute drive. You will see wildlife and snow you will not experience in town.

Hope this helps with you Breckenridge Lodging selection. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions you have. Visit our site for a selection of lodging.

4th of July in Breckenridge is on way
Posted by toby | Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Wondering what to do, or what is happening during the 4th of July in Breckenridge? If you have not experienced Breckenridge 4th of July, you need to. IF you enjoy fireworks in your hometown, you will be stunned by the 4th of July fireworks in Breckenridge. Breckenridge 4th of July is actually a multiple day event that culminates with our Breckenridge 4th of July parade down main street and our fireworks display with the backdrop of the ten mile range. Again, if you have never seen a large fireworks display in front of 10 miles of 13,000 foot Rocky Mountains, you need to. Here is a brief summary of some of the events that we host During Breckenridge 4th of July.
  • Breckenridge 4Th of July Parade
  • Fireworks display over peak 8
  • water fight and other activities for the kids
  • mountain bike races
  • free concerts at the river walk center
  • food and drink
  • town tours
For complete info on 4Th of July in Breckenridge, a schedule of events, or to find lodging for your vacation, please visit-

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