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Best Neighborhoods for Ski-in / Ski-Out in Breckenridge
Posted by admin | Wednesday, July 31, 2019
With all this heat, you may be dreaming about your ski vacation. July is a great time to start planning so that you can secure your perfect vacation rental property before they someone else beats you to it. There will be greater availability if you start planning early, and you will end up with more choices if you book early. For the ultimate winter luxury and convenience, a ski-in/ski-out vacation rental is exactly what you need. You can hit the slopes earlier, stay out longer and come home for lunch when your vacation rental has easy access to the mountain. Here are the best neighborhoods for ski-in/ski-out in Breckenridge and what is so great about them!

Ski-in / Ski-out Vacation Rentals in Breckenridge

Four O’Clock

There are a number of neighborhoods west of Main Street that offer slopeside access. The Four O’Clock neighborhood is one of them. It is named for the Four O’Clock run, one of the the longest runs in Breckenridge. It goes all the way into town so you are able to ride back to your property at 4:00 when the ski lifts close. The Snowflake Chairlift is easy to hop on when you are ready to head out in the morning. It is easy to get to all of the peaks from this convenient location. 

White Cloud

Nestled away just to the south of Peak 10 is the “White Cloud” area of warrior’s mark.  This neighborhood boasts some luxurious single-family homes, with stunning views.  Though this area is noted as ski-in/ski-out, the path to Peak 10 to upper Lehman is a bit more difficult to access for beginner skiers and can be inaccessible in the early season depending on snow conditions.  However, the serenity of the area, views, and luxurious choice of homes is unmatched in Breckenridge. 

Peak 7 and 8

Peaks 7 and 8 have quickly become the “village” of Breckenridge and offer several luxury lodges and single family homes. From these areas you can access lifts on Peak 7 and Peak 8 just steps outside the lodges. This area offers stunning views and is a little quieter than the neighborhoods closer in towards Main Street.

Peak 9

The base of Peak 9 is full of activity. It has condos that are situated close to the quicksilver and Beaver Run chairlift. It also has great options for aprés ski dining and entertainment. Many Breckenridge celebrations and events are centered at the base of Peak 9 due to the easy access to town both using the free town bus and your own feet.

Ski-in / Ski-out Breckenridge Vacation Rentals

The Best Vacation Rental For Your Trip

The great thing about Breckenridge is that you are never far from town or from the slopes. An excellent shuttle system and gondola keep the whole town well connected. Unlike other ski resorts, Breckenridge ski-in/ski-out vacation rentals are not remote, hard-to-get-to locations. They are close to the runs and close to town. You can get a few runs in on the slopes, and a few minutes later be enjoying a massage at a spa, or savoring a meal in town. In addition, if you don’t choose a ski-in/ski-out property for your vacation, it is not too hard to get to the chairlift. You can use the free shuttle system to get on the mountain fast, without having to worry about parking. With advanced planning, you will be able to choose from plenty of properties so that you can find the right one for your ski vacation. Check out Breckenridge Resort Managers to begin planning your ski vacation today.

How to Make your Vacation Rental Appeal to Summer Vacationers
Posted by admin | Friday, May 31, 2019
Summer vacation rentals in Breckenridge
Summer is prime time to rent out your vacation home. Families gather for reunions, old friends meet up, and couples find some one on one time during June, July, and August. You can make your vacation rental appeal to all of these groups so that your rental stays booked all summer long.

The Great Outdoors

Unlike winter in Breckenridge, guests flock to the mountains in summer for the variety of activities that can partake in outside and in nature.  Hiking, cycling, water sports, and simply sitting in the woods and having a picnic are all reasons guests love to come to Breckenridge in the summer.  No matter if the trail or stream is out your back door or way down the road, highlighting how a guest can easily access the great outdoors from your property will catch their interest and give them a reason to book your property.  Supply directions, maps, and details to make their decision easy, and their vacation wonderful. 

Outdoor Spaces

Summer vacation rentals in Breckenridge

Outdoor spaces are key for summer rentals. Vacationers love to use outdoor seating, grills, hot tubs, hammocks, and more. It doesn’t take much to set up an inviting outdoor space. Hang a swing on your front porch. Provide a fire pit and some Adirondack chairs. Put a propane grill on your patio along with a table and chairs. If you don’t have any outdoor spaces available, point out your proximity to local parks, trails, or other activities. Remember to consider fire danger and take appropriate precautions. If there is a fire ban and you have a fire pit or charcoal grill remind your guests that they are not allowed to use them. Do not provide firewood or charcoal during a fire ban. Make sure you have any burn permits easily accessible so that your guests know all of the rules and regulations.

Highlight Family Spaces

Many people use vacation rentals instead of hotels because they are traveling with a group of people. Show off any bunk spaces or rooms with multiple beds. Families prefer homes that have spaces for older children to stay together, or rooms large enough for families with young children to sleep together. Be sure to point out any amenities like pool tables, ping-pong tables, or even yard games and fishing equipment.

Pet Friendly

Many summertime vacationers look forward to taking their favorite furry friends with them on their adventures. Hiking with dogs is an especially loved pastime. Consider making your property pet friendly. Many visitors would gladly pay a fee instead of having to pay for a kennel to board their pet.

Peak Season

These simple steps will help your property stand out as the ideal summer vacation home. Know the best things to do in your area during the summer and highlight them for your guests. Think about what a summer renter wants in a vacation home and do your best to provide as many of those amenities as possible. When you rent your home in the summer, you can get premium rates and enjoy the fruits of a high traffic season.

Mud Season Deals to Look For
Posted by admin | Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Mud season is changing around Breckenridge. It used to begin in late April, when the ski resort closed. It would stretch through May, as late season snows kept trails muddy and sometimes impassible. Many restaurants, shops, and lodges offered deep discounts during this time. Mud season is different this year because the ski resort will be opened through May 27th, weather permitting. Not only will there be great mud season discounts, but also skiing! Come enjoy spring time in Breckenridge, take advantage of great deals, and the last few weeks of skiing.

Off Season Deals in Breck 2019Spring Dining Passport 

Get your spring dining passport at the Breckenridge Welcome Center or any of the participating restaurants. For a $10 donation you can take advantage of two-for-one deals at many restaurants, as well as other discounts and specials. The Breckenridge Restaurant Association invests the donations back into the community. In the past, it has been used to offer scholarships to local students. These dining passports are good for use from April 22nd to June 6th.

Spring Finale 

Breckenridge is putting on its spring finale. Some terrain will be open until May 27th this year. You can get a lift ticket for as little as $99 when you buy it in advance. During the weekends there will be outdoor music and activities, such as snow volleyball. Get out on the mountain and enjoy some extra runs this mud season. Keep in mind that not all of the terrain will be accessible, and some lodging will no longer be ski-in/ski-out. For more information, visit

Gear Deals

As gear shops wind down their rental season and make space for the newest models, they tend to clear out their old merchandise. You can find deeply discounted jackets, helmets, ski socks, and snow pants. You can also usually find deals on used rental skis and boards. Mud season is the ideal opportunity to update your gear.

Mud Season Deals in Breckenridge 2019


Lodging can also become more affordable during mud season. Many vacation rentals and lodges are available at a lower price than during peak season. Breckenridge Resort Managers offers a last minute booking deal. If you book within 14 days of your vacation, you can get up to 25% off of your stay. When you need a quick getaway to recharge in the mountains, Breckenridge can be the ideal place in the spring,

Find the Best Deals

Just about everywhere you look during mud season you can find discounted prices.  Check out your favorite restaurants, boutiques, and gear shops to find the best deals around Summit county. Keep in mind that some of your favorite places may be closed or offer reduced hours during the mud season. If you are looking for a more relaxed vacation, with fewer people, and time and space to explore, mud season is the perfect time to vacation in Breckenridge.
Photos courtesy of the Breckenridge Tourism Office

5 Things to Make your Vacation Rental Stand out from the Crowd
Posted by admin | Sunday, March 31, 2019
Vacation rental amenities
There are so many options for choosing a vacation rental. Between hotels, hostels and the myriad of AirBnBs – all that compete for loyal vacationers – how do you stand out in a crowd? Luckily in our years of experience, we have learned a few things that will help your vacation rental shine and be noticed. Here five things that can set you apart from other rental properties.

1) Unique Amenities

Hot tubs are always desirable, but many vacation rentals have them. There are other amenities that renters enjoy that can be even easier than hot tubs. Think about local activities and equipment that might help your renters enjoy their destination. Kayaks, bikes, snowshoes, sleds, and fishing gear are a few examples of things that might be fun for a renter to use.
amenities vacationers want

2) Kid Friendly

Many families prefer vacation rentals to hotels because they can put young children to sleep and still stay awake, or they can have separate spaces for kids and adults. Lower-level game rooms are a big draw for families with teens. Bunk rooms for multiple kids to sleep together are also an amenity that families value. If you really want to appeal to families, you may also want to consider some outdoor play equipment, or toys and games to play with indoors.

3) Outdoor Spaces

An inviting outdoor space can attract nature lovers. Hammocks, cozy fire pits with chairs, grills, Adirondack chairs, and porch swings can create an ideal place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

4) Easy, Flexible Check-in/out

Make check-in and check-out as smooth and easy as possible. If your renter has special requests, such as an early arrival or late departure, do your best to accommodate them. Many vacation rentals have strict rules about this due to cleaning needs and quick turnover. When you are able to be more flexible, it will help you stand out as unique. People with special check-in and check-out requirements will be more likely to book your property.

5) Local Connections

People love to experience the local Breckenridge scene when they are on vacation. They like to feel that they have the inside scoop on their beloved vacation spot. Make a book with your “best of Breck” tips that include restaurants, bars, boutiques, and other off the beaten path places. If you know of any local parties or events that may not be widely advertised, be sure to invite your guests. These kinds of connections are what encourage renters to return year after year.

Stand Out

A cozy, inviting home is always the goal for a vacation rental in Breckenridge. What will make you stand out above the crowd is helping your renter have a distinct experience. Consider your location and the amenities that will help your renters connect with their destination. Whether it is a local party, sporting equipment, a warm fire pit with all the makings for s’mores, or a headache free check out, giving your renter the ideal experience will make them want to return and tell their friends about what a great time they had.

Why Ski In / Ski Out Properties in Breckenridge Are Worth It
Posted by admin | Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Ski-in ski-out condo in breck
As you are planning your ski vacation, you may notice that ski-in/ski-out vacation condos in Breckenridge are quite a bit more expensive than other properties in or around town. While, you might be tempted to save a little, there are some great reasons to go ahead and splurge on the convenience of ski-in/ski/out.

Ideal for Families

If you have had the whole family along on your ski vacation, you know about the endless amounts of stuff that needs to be hauled to the ski hill and home again at the end of the day. It can be hard for younger kids to manage their skis and gear and you are left trying to balance everything and get everyone on the mountain. If you are staying at a ski-in/ski-out condo in Breckenriddge, you simply put on your skis and get on the lift. The snacks, sunscreen, and other essentials can stay at home and you can pop in and grab it when you need it. There is also no need to carry skis for long distances. Your teens can stay out longer when the rest of the crew is ready to come home. You can stop in for lunch or breaks and still have plenty of time to get back on the slopes. When you are moving around a group of people, a ski-in/ski-out vacation rental will give you the most time together to do the thing you came to do.

More Time for Other Activities

Often, the hardest part of vacations are travel time between activities. Everyone is cold and tired and just wants to be home. Being able to ski straight back to your property cuts out the time needed on other transportation getting home. There is no lag between getting off the ski hill and taking off your boots. Simply ski to your place and start relaxing and enjoying the evening. You will have plenty of time to grab a drink or go out for a nice meal.


Ski-in/ski-out lodging has great views and atmosphere! You get to enjoy all of the ambience you imagine when dreaming about a ski vacation. Some of the most beautiful views around Breckenridge are found on the mountain.

vacation rental ski-in/ski-out in Breck

Distance to Town

At many ski resorts, ski-in/ski-out property can mean remote and hard to get to. Because Main Street in downtown Breckenridge is so close to the resort, it is easy to get into town. The gondola and an extensive free bus and shuttle system make getting off and on the mountain simple. So, while you will get mountain access convenience, you will also have easy access to all you favorite aprés ski activities.

A Caution

Make sure you know what type of terrain you will have access to at your ski-in/ski-out property. For example the Warrior’s Mark neighborhood offers easy access to a lift, but that lift only services advanced terrain. You wouldn’t want to be a beginner staying in this location and expect to ski-in/ski-out. Know all the details about your location so that you can find a place that meets your hopes and needs. Check with Breckenridge Resort Managers to find the ideal ski in/ski out property for you.
Photo by Bob Winsett courtesy of the Breckenridge Department of Tourism
Photo Courtesy of the Breckenridge Department of Tourism

Best Places to Stay in Breckenridge
Posted by admin | Monday, September 24, 2018
best place to stay in breckenridge co
Are you looking for the best place to stay for your Breckenridge vacation? Look no further. Any place you stay in Breckenridge will offer easy access to skiing, hiking trails, mountain biking, dining, and shopping. However, each neighborhood in Breckenridge has its own feel and offers unique amenities. Whether you want a secluded getaway or an action filled ski vacation, the below post will help you find the perfect neighborhood for your Breckenridge vacation.

Warrior’s Mark

Warrior’s Mark is on the Southwest edge of town, not far from the historic district. It backs up to Peak 10 and The Falcon SuperChair is accessible from this neighborhood. Peak 10 boasts some of the most difficult terrain in Breckenridge, so if you are looking for ski-in/ski-out convenience, this neighborhood is ideal for very skilled skiers. It also has access to hiking and biking trails along the Blue River, making it ideal for summer getaways or a fall leaf-peeping trip.

Peak 9

The Peak 9 area hosts a variety of condos that are ideal for a ski-in/ski-out vacation, particularly families or new skiiers. You can access the ski area via the QuickSilver SuperChair, which gives access to some of Breckenridge’s easiest terrain. Secondly, Peak 9 is a short distance from aprés ski. Some of the best bars are within the Peak 9 neighborhood and as well as many fine dining restaurants.

Peak 7

Peak 7, which has several lodges, offers access to the Breck Connect gondola, making it easy to get on the slopes or take the gondola into town. Many of the condos available in the lodges near Peak 7 have excellent amenities including game rooms, pools, ski storage, and spas. If you want the idillic ski vacation that has fun for the whole family, Peak 7 delivers.

The Highlands

The Highlands area is on the north side of town near the Tiger Run Golf Course. Homes in this area are picturesque and luxurious. Many of these homes are situated on large lots offering quiet seclusion. The Highlands area offers the ideal place to truly get away from it all. The large homes also offer space for multi-family gatherings. Proximity to an open space provides plenty of room to roam and explore. While a bit further from the slopes, quick access is still available via the expansive bus system that runs throughout Breckenridge.

Ski Hill Road

Ski Hill Road winds up to the base of the ski slopes on the west side of town. The Breckenridge Nordic Center is also along this road and offers miles of cross-country trails. Large, luxury homes have stunning views and quick access to the mountain and to town. 

The Historic District

The Historic District is also referred to as downtown Breckenridge. Just off of Main Street, to the east, are historic Victorian homes. These homes have been beautifully updated and include modern amenities. In addition, there are smaller condos tucked in this neighborhood. You can experience the quaint small town feel throughout the historic district. If you want to be within easy walking distance from shops, entertainment, the BreckConnect Gondola, and dining, the historic district is the right place to stay.

The Ideal Location

Families, couples, thrill seekers and ski buddies can all find the perfect place for their vacation. Decide whether you want plenty of quiet space, access to easy transportation, a quick trip to the mountain bike trailhead, or ski-in/ski-out convenience. Then, you can look for the neighborhood of your vacation dreams through Breckenridge Resort Managers. 
Photo By Alex Neuschaefer Courtesy of the Breckenridge Tourism Office

What's the Best Place to Stay in Breckenridge?
Posted by toby | Saturday, July 23, 2016

Best Place to Stay in Breckenridge

When it comes to choosing the best place to stay in Breckenridge, there are no wrong answers. From secluded mountain homes, quaint Victorian style homes to ski-in/ski-out condos, Breck has something to offer for every type of vacationer. Nonetheless, choosing the right neighborhood can be daunting if you've never explored Breckenridge.

To help you figure out the best area for you and your family, we put together a list of the Breckenridge neighborhoods and the attributes of each.

The Peaks / 4 o’clock Rd

Most people stay around the Peaks or on 4 o’clock Rd for the access to the resort. This is the biggest selling point for this area. It has close proximity to several chair lifts and borders the trail 4 o’clock. You can ski within a few feet of your front door and many vacationers come back for lunch mid-day.

The downside to this is that town can be a good walk or a bus ride away. Since you are paying for the location, you can sacrifice space, luxury and the rustic atmosphere. Nonetheless, if you are looking for the traditional ski-cation, this is the perfect place to stay in Breck.

(Click here to see all our ski in/ski-out properties.)

Breck Historic District

The town of Breckenridge has an adorable historic district with heaps of atmosphere. The houses are in the traditional Victorian style and the main strip features quality restaurants, shopping and nightlife. The gondola is on one edge of town, a beginner’s chairlift on the other and both a relatively easy walk for most, so access to skiing isn’t a chore. If you are looking for a well rounded vacation experience, with options for even the non-skier in the family, Breck’s historical district is your best bet.

Where to Stay in Breckenridge

Warriors Mark

Many prefer the quiet of a neighborhood. Warrior’s Mark is located on the south edge of Breckenridge and is set back from the main street. One one side, it borders Peak 9 and the Village, so ski access is nearby. It is also bordered by National Forest, giving access to the backcountry and great hiking.

This area is a quieter, more traditional mountain feel and just removed from the thick of things. You’ll likely want to take advantage of Breck’s transit, Summit Stage to get to and from the restaurants, shopping and nightlife. The buses stop between 12-1am so if nightlife is your priority, this area may not be your top pick. It is perfect for families looking for proximity, but a quieter experience.

(Ski within 1.5 blocks of your house at this vacation rental in Warrior’s Mark.)

Blue River

Blue River is the perfect place to stay for the nature lover. This area sports the traditional rustic mountain experience. You are likely to see moose, elk, deer and even bear running through your backyard in this neighborhood! The houses tend to be more “retreat-style” and are nestled in the forest, with lots of space inside and out.

This neighborhood has the Goose Pasture Tarn and a stream for fishing, kayaking and other waterfront activities. You'll want to have your own car in this area, as it is located a few miles outside town.

(See one of our favorites in Blue River.)

Baldy Mountain

Best Neighborhood to Stay in Breckenridge Baldy Mountain is located on the hill opposite the ski resort. This area is popular with the local community for its amazing views and quieter atmosphere. We have several houses up here that are the quintessential snowy mountain retreat, with all the luxuries and comforts you could ever want.

The majority of the houses are above 10,000 feet, so you will want to be aware of the high altitude conditions. The buses run regularly up here, so access to town and the gondola is simple. This area is perfect for large groups, who want luxury at a decent price and need to appeal to a variety of guests.

Check out one of our houses on Baldy.

Breckenridge Spring Vacation Rental Blowout- 25% off everything, no blackout, no restrictions!
Posted by toby | Monday, March 24, 2014

Just a few weeks left of Breckenridge ski season 13/14, and just a few more chances to catch a few last runs before it is all gone.  Breckenridge Spring Fever 2014 is in full force with 40 events to close out the season, and accentuating your vacation with free concerts and warm temperatures.   

Spring in Breckenridge captures both the fantastic skiing our mountain offers, as well as giving us a taste of those fantastic summer months we are all craving right now.  Spring is the perfect bland of seasons, topped off with the biggest event schedule of the year, making it the right time for you to take one last break to Breck.

 The three biggest surprises about Breckenridge in Spring-

  1. You will never be able to dress appropriately.  On Friday it may be 45 and sunny, and Saturday it will be 10 and dumping snow.  Make sure you pack for both!
  2. You can ski in a bathing suit!  Actually, this has been a tradition since the 60’s, during the spring months.  However, before you go parading about in front of your creator in your speedo, check the weather.
  3. Groomers are your friend.  Almost every spring day, the hot sun gives way to a frozen evening, creating layers of ice on virtually every surface.  The mountain is no different, and our runs get extremely hard and icy in April during the morning, followed up with mushy and slushy afternoons.  The best skiing of the day is in the mornings, and on our endless groomed trails. 

Along with the acres of melting snow, our rates are melting away at the end of the season, making a vacation in Breckenridge even more affordable!  We are closing 13/14 with a fantastic Breckenridge vacation rental deal- Take 25% off any stay 3 nights or more, for the rest of the season!

Spring Break In Breckenridge
Posted by toby | Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Break in Breckenridge- bring on the sun, snow, and savings!

Yesterday I was able to ski the mountain for a few hours.  It was sunny, 35, warm, and absolutely beautiful up there.  As I glided over the top layer of hard packed snow, and my skis found the soft powder below, I found myself cherishing the warmth on my face, and dreaming of the blissful and bright days of spring.

Alas, just weeks away, spring break starts around the country for many schools, and families.  Perhaps you are one of them, and perhaps you too desire to feel the warm spring sun on your face, and the soft spring snow beneath your skis?  Well, your time to book is now, and the season is a great one for you.  Currently, as of February, we have accumulated 300 inches of snow!  The base is deep, the coverage is vast, and the fun is nonstop.

Just for you, we have unleashed a special deal on spring break lodging equally as exciting as the snow totals. 

Take 20% off your spring break dates if you stay 5 nights or more, between 3/17/14 and ski area closing!

Terms, conditions, and blackouts apply. Not all units participating.

Use promo code- breckspring20

Book your vacation rental for spring break here, now!

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Breckenridge Lodging Deals- Winter 13/14 25% off!
Posted by toby | Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Winter is here, and your best shot at getting a great winter Breckenridge lodging deal is RIGHT NOW! During the early season we are offering two great deals, if you BOOK BY 10/31/2013- 15% off 3 nights in winter - Offer Good:11/01/2013 - 04/30/2014 Take 15% off your vacation if you stay 3 nights in select properties when you book by October 31st and stay any time this winter. Terms, conditions, blackouts, and conditions apply. 25% off Winter 5+ Nights - Offer Good:11/01/2013 - 04/30/2014 Take 25% off your vacation if you stay 4 or more nights in select properties when you book by October 31st and stay any time this winter. Terms, conditions, blackouts, and conditions apply. Visit our SPECIALS PAGE, for additional details on the great Breckenridge Lodging Deals, and don’t wait! Snow is falling and it is time to start planning for your winter ski vacation in Breckenridge.
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Breckenridge Ski Season 2012- Fresh and fun
Posted by toby | Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Just. Can't. Wait. Breckenridge ski season 2012 is about to kick off!  November 9th 2012 marks the opening day of Breckenridge ski area, and your first oppurtunity to experience the fresh and fun season in the rockies. If you need to know what opening day has to offer, check out the top 5 things to experience on Breckenridge opening day, then do them! Just 9 short days away...

5-25-5 Breckenridge Holiday Lodging Deal!
Posted by toby | Monday, October 24, 2011

5-25-5 Holiday Lodging Special!

The much anticipated opening of the Breckenridge ski resort is cause for excitement, time to plan your ski vacation!  Opening day 2011 is November 11th, and the best deals on winter and Holiday lodging are now!

If the thought of carving down peak 9 on some fresh Breckenridge snow is not enough to get you itching for a winter vacation, maybe this deal will!

Holiday 5-25-5 Lodging Special!

Book your Christmas vacation by November 5th, and get 25% off if you stay 5 or more nights on select properties! Less than 2 weeks to get the best deal on your Holiday lodging in Breckenridge, Book now!

All other winter lodging is 15% off!

Book Directly online to catch this discount, or for 2 nights, give us a call or email!


Last Minute Lodging for opening day is NOW 35% off!

Wellington Townhome #3

247 Park Forest

Der Steiermark- 1br & 2br

Peak 9 inn- Studios

Riverbend 109- Studio/1br

River Mountain Lodge-1br
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Breckenridge lodging discounts - search and book online with 30% off!
Posted by toby | Thursday, February 10, 2011
Resort Managers has always offered the best Breckenridge Lodging discounts and vacation deals, but our new functionality takes shopping and booking your Breckenridge Lodging deal to another level. We would like to introduce the last minute deal quicksearch (represented by the picture on the right).  From this widget you can do a live availability search of our Breckenridge inventory and find a killer lodging discount for your next Breckenridge vacation. To the right is a representation of the widget, if you are ready to find your Breckenridge Lodging Discount, look to the left of the page and scroll down a bit where you will find the live widget- get busy and search! Searching our live Breckenridge lodging Discount widget you will find a variety of Breckenridge vacation homes at huge discounts up to 30% off!  Don't wait, these deals move fast because everyone wants them! The process is simple- enter your dates (Must be no more than 2 weeks prior to your stay or it will not work), enter any other options you like, hit search, find the property you like, and hit reserve now to get to the discount page.  On this page just click "last minute deal quote" to see what your savings are! Looking for a huge Breckenridge lodging discount, you found it here!

Breckenridge lodging, do you know where to stay in Breckenridge?
Posted by toby | Friday, June 5, 2009

Recently I was doing research for an article on vacation destinations and came to the realization that "fiddler's knee is a great place to vacation" did not tell me anything about Fiddler's knee. Some sites would go beyond that, "Fiddler's knee is a great place to vacation during the summer, it is warm and you can do stuff". Many of the places I found did not give me a tangible idea of where I could be going or what it had to offer if I did. How confusing for those travellers looking to vacation in a new area, off putting is more like it.

Many of you out there researching your vacation and what sort of Breckenridge lodging you would like to stay in may find yourself in a similar mindset to the one I just described. "Breckenridge is a great ski town, bring your jacket", may not cut it for you and leave you with a sense of anxiety about what Breckenridge Lodging you would like to book.

Because I manage Brecknridge lodging and want you to stay in Breckenridge rather that the place you went last year, I thought it wise to describe the Breckenridge lodging segments and the regions they are in. Hopefully it will be a useful tool for any of you out there who are looking for a specific sort of Breckenridge lodging in a specific area.

As I see it, Breckenridge is made up of six distinct regions, North, South, Central, West, East, and Blue River. I will try to explain the benefits and drawbacks of Breckenridge lodging in each. I will also attempt to explain what you can expect from your vacation while staying in each region.

North Breckenridge-Out of town, Mainly homes, some on bus route, some car required, luxury homes, close to amenities, low to high price range

This area includes the Highlands (by the golf course, great for luxurious summer vacations), silver shekel, fairmont residences, kingdom park townhomes, claimjumper, and a few others. This are includes the rec center (pools, fields, parks, courts, gym) the golf course, City Market (our largest grocery store) and the new gondola. Most of the places in this are are single family as opposed to condos and a good amount are long term occupied.

The west side of this area is closest to the stores and gondola, and has the lower end of nightly rates due to most of the homes being older. This area is on the bus route (free) and is within walking distance to many things as well.

The east side is comprised of mainly newer, luxury, single family homes as well as the golf course. These homes will have higher rates, but most of them are very large (sleep 12 or more) and much newer. This is a great place to stay if you don't want to be right in town and need some room (large family vacation). The access to the ski area, dining, and shopping is mainly drive to.

South Breckenridge-Close to town, slopes, Mix of condos and homes, on bus route, walk, variety of places to stay, mid to high price range.

This area of Breckenridge Lodging consists of a wide variety of condos (Mountainwood, Columbine, Powderhorn, Lift, Mariott, Tannenbaum, Corral, Mother Lode), townhomes(village point), And single Family homes (Warriors Mark). Most of the condos are the closest to the ski area, some are even walk to the lifts. As you move south, away from the ski area, you will find more rental homes. The prices are the lowest in the condos and highest on the single family homes.

Central Breckenridge- In town, mainly condos, walk to everything, on bus route, mid to high price range

The central area consists of mainly condos, but there is a wide variety of styles( Village, River Mountain Lodge, Park Place, One Breck Place, Der Steiermark, Sawmill Creek, Tyra, Pine Ridge, Blue Sky, Los Pinos, Pines, mountain thunder lodge). This is a great area if you can handle the action, very busy, especially during the ski season. Rates will vary from low to high depending on where you stay. Condos go from hotel rooms to 4 bedrooms, so you have plenty of choices. You probably won;t need a car if you stay here as you can walk to most anything, or take the free bus. There are a few ski in and out options in this area.

West Breckenridge- Made up of the base mountain lodges and homes at peak 9 and 8, ski in/out, walk to lift, on bus route, Higher end homes for rent, low to high end condos priced accordingly

The west area consists of the base areas of peaks 9 and 8. The base of 8 consists of more luxury homes and the base of 9 consists of mainly condos (Beaver Run). Most of this area is on the bus route, but walking is not a great option, so a car may be a good idea. It is a quieter area as it is not directly in town, and it is as close as you can get to the ski area.

East Breckenridge- Mostly rental homes, some in town, some further out, High price range

This area is made up of historic Breckenridge and many newer homes. There are very few condos in this area. Some of this area is on the bus route, but most of it is not, and most of it is too far to walk. Great views of the ten mile range (which includes our ski area) from the east side of breck.

Blue River- 3-7 miles south of Breckenridge, drive to location, mostly rental homes, low to high end homes, good variety, rural woodsy feel, peace and quiet, reasonable rates

We have several rental homes in this area. Appeals to mid to large size families or groups looking for a reasonable nightly rate without a drop in the quality of the accommodation. 3-7 miles south of the ski area, 5 minute drive. You will see wildlife and snow you will not experience in town.

Hope this helps with you Breckenridge Lodging selection. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions you have. Visit our site for a selection of lodging.

Breckenridge Lodging- where do I stay during my Breckenridge Summer Vacation?
Posted by toby | Thursday, April 23, 2009

It is April, ski season is over, and you are planning to com to Breckenridge to raft the Gorge, what sort of Breckenridge lodging should you be looking for?

Summer in Breckenridge, as you may know, is completely different than winter. Due to the fact that the ski area is closed and the action is focused in other places, your Breckenridge lodging needs might change. Ski in/out Breckenridge Lodging is great, when you can ski. Ski area views are wonderful, but not as exciting in the summer. So, where to stay?

I can make a few recommendations for where you might concentrate your search for Breckenridge lodging-

In town is the place to be- Because the ski area is closed, the action centers around the town. Any nightlife, dining, or activity your want to experience will be in town. Close to town, close to the action.

On the bus route is great- The town and county have a bus system that will take you anywhere you like, for free!! This is great in the summer for short trips around town.

Forget paying for enclosed parking- If it comes included with your Breckenridge Lodging, great. But don’t feel the need to pay more per night for it. Breckenridge in the summer is usually beautiful, no snow to push off of the car in the morning.

Below are a few of our in town properties that would make great Vacation destinations for your summer vacation in Breckenridge.

Liftside studio, in town, on the bus route.

River Mountain lodge 1br, in town, on bus route

Village Point 3br, in town, on the bus route

Or, to browse our entire selection of Breckenridge Lodging, visit
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Seven Ways to find a Breckenridge Vacation Rental Deal- Planning your Breckenridge vacation and looking for the best deal on condo rentals?
Posted by toby | Saturday, March 7, 2009
Tips on finding the best lodging deal on a rental home or condo for your Breckenridge vacation
1. Be flexible- If you are able to fill a gap in the middle of the week, postpone your dates by a couple of days, shorten your stay, occupy a larger or smaller Breckenridge rental property than you initially wanted, or even go out of town a bit many lodging companies and owners alike will be able to discount their rates for your vacation rental condo. Being flexible allows a property manager to fit you into their calendar more effectively, meaning savings for you.
2. Stay longer- Shorter vacations are a symptom of the current economic situation, people cannot afford the week long Breckenridge retreat this year. 3 and sometimes 2 night stays over a weekend are becoming more commonplace this year. Because of that you may be able to get a good discount, or a free night if you are staying 5 nights or more. Because lodging companies are attempting to fill weeks and not just weekends they may offer more in savings for a longer stay.
3. Stay frequently- Guests who are able to come to Breckenridge and stay in a vacation home several times in the same season may be able to realize savings through a return guest discount. IF you are able to stay at the same vacation rental condo multiple times in a season, or over the year, a property manager will be more likely to pass on some good savings to you.
4. Be reasonable- Discounts are out there, but realize that people have to make money to consider your offer. Shopping around and low balling every nightly rate will get you nowhere and you are likely to waste a good amount of time and miss out on a good deal by doing so. While you are busy offering $80 a night for a room, someone else could be booking it for $110 a night and keeping you from finding the good deal you are looking for.
5. Wait!- Last minute deals are becoming increasingly easy to find. If you can wait until a week or two before your stay, the lodging you are looking for is ready to cut a deal to get a booking. Caution though, waiting can also backfire on your vacation plan. It is possible to wait too long, or during the wrong season and miss out on you lodging totally. 6. Take a tour- I hate to be an advocate of this, so this is not a recommendation, just info for you. Timeshare companies that are currently selling resort weeks love to give free lodging to people, if you take a tour and subject yourself to a hard sales pitch. This can work for many people who can work the system, but if you are a pushover you might end up leaving your vacation with a week every two years in Breckenridge. 7. Crash- Got a friend in Breckenridge, Florida, California? Pay them a much anticipated visit, I am sure they are more than happy to host a snoring mass on their sleeper sofa for a week. Drop in and surprise is recommended as advanced reservations are not usually taken.
Visit us at for a selection of Breckenridge lodging deals.
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Last minute Vacation Rental and Lodging deals in Breckenridge Colorado, I can get Breckenridge condo for nothing?
Posted by toby | Thursday, March 5, 2009
So you want a deal on Your Breckenridge vacation, who doesn't. You have heard that the rental market is down due to the economy and Breckenridge vacation rentals are dealing out lodging for next to nothing? Do you want the truth?Kind of Due to the downturn in the economy people have lees money to spend, therefore, they can not afford a first class vacation rental condo or townhome in Breckenridge this year. So what are these cash strapped vacationers to do, look for deals. So, are they able to find them? Absolutely, Breckenridge lodging companies and direct rental owners alike have responded to the economic situation by lowering rates in order to increase interest in the vacation accommodations and secure bookings in a slow economy. Bottom line, the deals are out there, and if you look hard enough you can find them. One phrase to keep in mind when shopping- point of diminishing return. As you are out shopping for your last minute Breckenridge vacation deal you must remember that at a certain point it becomes a break even scenario for an owner or lodging company to discount their rates. Here is how it works from a lodging company perspective. 3 night stay in a studio at a discounted rate of $100 a night, $300 total-
total booking cost- $300
60% to the owner- -$180
Cleaning fee- -$50
Credit card processing- -$9
Supplies- -$5
Revenue before office overhead and taxes- $56
Now, with the reality laid out here, ask yourself- "would I rent my place for this much income?" I would imagine the answer is no, if not, I have a great business you may be interested in purchasing, call me!
If you are interested in a last minute deal on a vacation rental in breckenridge, please keep in mind that everyone has to make money for the deal to actually be offered. SO if you plan on offering $80 a night for the 2 br ski in/out condo in Breckenridge, don't expect much.
However, if you are looking for a reasonable deal for your Breckenridge vacation home or condo, visit us at and bid away. We are always looking to make a deal, and make money.
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Breckenridge lodging blog- What is ski free stay free at Breckenridge?
Posted by toby | Monday, March 2, 2009
I want to stay in Breckenridge Colorado, What is ski free stay free?

When Researching you Breckenridge vacation you may run across ads for ski free/stay free. This package does create some confusion for vacationers who don;t really understand what this actually is. It is not a buy one get one free or a buy 2 get one free. You must purchase 3 or more nights of lodging and three or more lift tickets to qualify for a free anything. In order to qualify you must also stay within a certain date range, which is dictated by the Breckenridge ski area and Vail Resorts.

Dates ski free stay free in Breckenridge is available-11/7-11/29, 11/30-12/20, 1/11-1/17, 1/20-2/13, 2/17-3/14, 4/12-4/19

The Breckenridge ski free stay free package in a nutshell-

Purchase 3 or more nights of Breckenridge lodging

Purchase 3 or more lift tickets for Breckenridge Ski area

get 1 night of Breckenridge lodging free

get 1 Breckenridge lift ticket free

Also, with the Resort Managers ski free stay free you will get 1 free day of ski rental if you purchase 3 or more, which makes for a very good deal.

We have a great selection of lodging for late ski season in April, visit us at for additional details on or list of Breckenridge vacation rental homes and condos.
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