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Breckenridge Snow Report 1-29-2015
Posted by toby | Thursday, January 29, 2015

Here is your Breckenridge snow report for 1-29-2015.  With 192 inches on the season thus far, things are looking good.  Though the pattern has been strange, with large accumulations over a short period of time, followed by warm and sunny days.  However, more snow is on the way this weekend, just in time to freshen things up a bit!

New Snow

Last 24 hrs:          0 "

Overnight*:        0 "

Last 48 hrs:          0 "

Last 7 days:         0 "

Snow Conditions

Packed Powder               

Season Total:     192 "

Terrain Report

Acres Open:       2758 of 2908

Lifts Open:          34 of 34

Runs Open:        175 of 187

Goodbye Breckenridge Ski Season 2013-2014
Posted by toby | Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This is it, Breckenridge ski season 13/14 is coming to a close this weekend, and we watch it go with both the sadness of packing up our sticks, and the excitement of breaking out the shorts.  Spring in Breckenridge is an interesting mix of warm sunny days, and wet heavy snow storms.  Every spring brings the mystery of what type summer we will get.  Will it snow until June, and create a short summer; or will the skies offer a heaping portion of sunny blues, and create a never ending summer playground? 

All we know for sure is that come Sunday, when the last run has been skied, we will all be looking for the mystery to unfold, and the clouds to roll back, opening up permission to wear flip flops, and eat an ice cream by the river. 

The snow that will create that river is now melting, running down and through the bedrock of this fantastic town.  By the numbers of our winter snow totals below, water levels should be consistent and full this summer, bringing to life the abundant nature and activities that we all look forward to enjoying.


Last 24 hrs:          0 "

Overnight*         0 "

Last 48 hrs:          0 "

Last 7 days:         5 "



Spring Conditions

Base Depth         86 "

Season Total      439 "

3 things to know as winter leaves, and summer comes home-

  1. Sure, May and early June are muddy, but they are six of the most relaxing weeks in Breckenridge.  Visitors can really relax, and locals are able to take a breath, and enjoy the town we call home.
  2. Wildlife come to life in May- creatures great and small, along with their human counterparts, begin to creep out into the forest, and frolic in the summery climate.  Be careful of bears!
  3. Breckenridge is known for our ski area, but summer is when you need to be here.  Forget the beach, come rafting, hiking, camping, wheeling, riding, and biking in our never ending playground this summer.

Breckenridge Snow Report- 1-2-14
Posted by toby | Thursday, January 2, 2014
Breckenridge Snow Report

Here is your Breckenridge Snow Report for 1-2-14. Currently, the season is looking really good! 126 inches on the season, and more on the way!

Last 24 hrs: 7 "
Overnight* 6 "
Last 48 hrs: 7 "
Last 7 days: 12 "

Powder/Packed Powder
Base Depth 47 "
Season Total 126 "

Check out this shot from the Whales Tail today!


Peak 6 Breckenridge- expansion of excitement!
Posted by toby | Tuesday, October 22, 2013

   Coming to Breckenridge, Ski season 2014, is the Brand new Peak 6 Breckenridge! One of the best ski resorts in north America, just got 23% better, 3 bowls funner, and 543 acres bigger, providing the one of a kind experience only Breckenridge can.  Peak 6 Breckenridge will bring intermediate bowl skiing to the mountain, offering a brand new adventure for skiers of all types.  Check out our Ski Resorts page for a full sized map of our new ski area, including peak 6. Peak 6 Breckenridge terrain details • 543 brand new skiable acres • 23% growth in total terrain • Brand new terrain includes above-treeline intermediate bowl! • 3 new sweeping bowls • 10 all new winding and wide trails Brand new Peak 6 Lifts • 1 4 person • 1 high speed 6-person Warming structures on Peak 6 • Ski Patrol office and a toasty warming hut at the top • Another toasty Warming hut with a restroom at mid mountain

Breckenridge Snow Report- 4-1-12
Posted by toby | Thursday, April 25, 2013
Getting better in our area, and looks like last year has been beaten completely! NEW SNOW Last 24 hrs: 0 " Overnight* 0 " Last 48 hrs: 0 " Last 7 days: 9 " SNOW CONDITIONS Spring Conditions  Base Depth 67 " Season Total 267 "

Spring in Breckenridge- snow, break, and conditions
Posted by toby | Saturday, March 9, 2013
20130309-194424.jpg No, it is not over. 500 flights cancelled at dia, 5 inches last night, several more today, 22 inches in the last week, and spring break is at hand. If the time off, new snow, and inherent itch to come visit Breckenridge are just too much for you to control, then we have a great deal for you- limited time! 15% off 3 nights 20% off 4 nights And a huge 25% off 5 or more nights when you book and stay by the end of this season! Book now! NEW SNOW Last 24 hrs: 5 " Overnight* 5 " Last 48 hrs: 5 " Last 7 days: 22 " SNOW CONDITIONS Powder/Packed Powder Base Depth 60 " Season Total 209 "

Breckenridge Snow Report 2-28-2013
Posted by toby | Thursday, February 28, 2013
Well, the early season was light, but February was killer!  This Breckenridge snow report shows what a great February we had, which was about 66"! NEW SNOW Last 24 hrs: 1 " Overnight 1 " Last 48 hrs: 4 " Last 7 days: 19 " SNOW CONDITIONS Packed Powder Base Depth 55 " Season Total 177 " Lifts Running 31 of 31 Runs open 155 of 155 Acres Open 2358 of 2358 Open Area 100%

Breckenridge Snow Report 1/31/2013
Posted by toby | Thursday, January 31, 2013
Breckenridge Snow Report 1/31/2013- It finally came, and we broke the 100 inch mark! NEW SNOW Last 24 hrs: 10 " Overnight* 7 " Last 48 hrs: 15 " Last 7 days: 21 "   SNOW CONDITIONS Powder Base Depth 46 " Season Total 111 " Lifts Running 27 of 31 Runs open 120 of 155 Acres Open 1932 of 2358 Open Area 82%

Breckenridge Snow Report 1-7-2013
Posted by toby | Monday, January 7, 2013
Not pretty, but we are getting there- time to read your Breckenridge Snow Report  for 1-7-2013. NEW SNOW Last 24 hrs: 0 " Overnight* 0 " Last 48 hrs: 0 " Last 7 days: 2 " SNOW CONDITIONS Powder/Packed Powder Base Depth 29 " Season Total 85 " Lifts Running 29 of 31 Runs open 87 of 155 Acres Open 1568 of 2358 Open Area 66%

Breckenridge Snow Report 12-12-12
Posted by toby | Thursday, December 13, 2012
Welcome to the Breckenridge snow report for 12/12/12.  We appear to be making up some ground from the low totals in November, and still have a way to go.  The Dew Tour begins this week, and we are looking at many nice looking days ofsnow in the forecast.  NEW SNOW Last 24 hrs: 0 " Overnight* 0 " Last 48 hrs: 1 " Last 7 days: 18 " SNOW CONDITIONS Packed Powder Base Depth 18 " Season Total 40 " Lifts Running-7 of 31 Runs open-13 of 155 Acres Open-288 of 2358 Open Area-12%

Breckenridge Snow Report 4-16-2012
Posted by toby | Monday, April 16, 2012
So I had just put all my sweaters away, zipped out the sides on the jeep, put away the sorels, and busted out the sunscreen and BAM!  8 inches yesterday forced me to break out the gear I had just retired, and have one more go at the mountain.  Although it was only partially open and very sticky, it was nice to take one more lap on closing day 2012. NEW SNOW Last 24 hrs: 8 " Overnight* 8 " Last 48 hrs: 8 " Last 7 days: 8 " SNOW CONDITIONS Powder Base Depth 49 " Season Total 228 "

Breckenridge Snow Report 3-26-2012
Posted by toby | Monday, March 26, 2012
Breckenridge Snow Report 3-26-2012 NEW SNOW Last 24 hrs: 0 "0 cms Last 48 hrs: 0 "0 cms Last 7 days: 0 "0 cms SNOW CONDITIONS Spring Conditions Base Depth 51 "130 cms Season Total 219 "556 cms

Breckenridge Snow Report 1.30.12
Posted by toby | Monday, January 30, 2012
Welcome to the Breckenridge Snow Report for 1.30.12.  Here is what we have, for today.  NEW SNOW Last 24 hrs: 0 "0 cms Last 48 hrs: 0 "0 cms Last 7 days: 14 "36 cms   SNOW CONDITIONS Powder/Packed Powder Base Depth 47 "119 cms Season Total 136 "345 cms TERRAIN REPORT Terrain Open: 79% Acres Open: 1855 of 2358 Lifts Open: 30 of 31 Runs Open: 117 of 155

Breckenridge Snow Report- 12/8/11
Posted by toby | Thursday, December 8, 2011
Breckenridge Snow Report- 12/8/11 Not Excting, but hey, you can still slide around and have fun! NEW SNOW Last 24 hrs: 0 " Last 48 hrs: 0 " Last 7 days: 5 " SNOW CONDITIONS Packed Powder Base Depth 23 "58 cms Season Total 62 "157 cms

Breckenridge opening Day 2011 2012 is...
Posted by toby | Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Breckenridge Opening day 2011/2012 is 11/11/2011!  It is already early October, aspens are almost gone, firewood is being stocked, plow trucks are waking up, and it is time for ski season!  This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Breckenridge ski area, and it all kicks off on 11/11/2011 with the opening of the mountain.  Book your ski vacation now, Search our lodging for a wide selection of vacation homes and condos before your place is booked!

First snow in Breckenridge, small but something, get ready!
Posted by toby | Saturday, September 17, 2011
First snow of 2011/2012 ski season in Breckenridge. Won;t get too excited, too small to stick and too warm outside still. A balmy 45 today for Oktoberfest. These snows don't get us where we need to be, but simply remind us all that the season is just a couple of months away, time to get ready!

Breckenridge snowfall total 2011
Posted by toby | Saturday, May 7, 2011
The Breckenridge snowfall total for 2011 was, in a word, huge! After 6 months of blustery storms, white outs, slick roads, pass closures, icy windshields, and a glorious amount of fresh powder days in Breck, our season is finally over. An average Breckenridge snowfall total is around 300 inches in most years, and that assures quality ski conditions for the entire season. This year, well.... it was better. Breckenridge Snowfall total for 2011 (drumroll).... 519 inches!

Snow Report for 2/18/11
Posted by toby | Monday, February 21, 2011
NEW SNOW Last 24 hrs: 7” Last 48 hrs: 8” Last 7 days: 8” SNOW CONDITIONS Packed Powder Base Depth 84” Season Total 338” TERRAIN REPORT Terrain Open: 100% Acres Open: 2358 of 2358 Lifts Open: 31 of 31 Runs Open: 155 of 155

1-22-11 snow report- holy cow!
Posted by toby | Saturday, January 22, 2011
Breckenridge Snow ReportNEW SNOW
Last 24 hrs: 7 "18 cms Last 48 hrs: 10 "25 cms Last 7 days: 54 "137 cms
SNOW CONDITIONS Powder Base Depth 92 "234 cms Season Total 285 "724 cms

Snow report- 1-17-11
Posted by toby | Monday, January 17, 2011
Breckenridge snow reportAnother day, another foot, or two, and I don't think it is over yet.  Actually, looking outside I can confirm it is not near letting up.   Looks like the mountain will be full tomorrow, of snow, not people.  Currently the base depth mid mountain in Breck is 63 inches, I expect that to top 75 tomorrow, and it will be dumping all this week. To date, we have accumulated 236 inches of snow in breck, 255 by tomorrow, which is way ahead of average, and most other ski areas! This picture is what my driveway looked like at 7:30 tonight when I got home, I hate to shovel, but love to slide around on this stuff!

breckenridge morning
Posted by toby | Tuesday, November 23, 2010
46 inch base today, and more on the way! Breckenridge snow report 11-23-2010!

Breckenridge Opening Day 2010/2011 is here!
Posted by toby | Friday, November 12, 2010
Gotta love it!  Breckenridge is open,not a little, but a lot!  Even part of he bowl is open if you want to hike the t-bar.  I was up there today (as you can see in the pics) and it was glorious.  It is the perfect opening day, 30 degrees, sunny, 34 inches at mid mountain, snow guns blowing, and every bit of the Breckenridge mountain charm in full effect. Yes, those are people on the lift, ascending vertically to ski Breckenridge Resort for opening day 2010-2011.  I would have loved to have joined in, but I had to get back to the office and send this picture out! Breckenridge Opening Day Teaser- 4 seconds of heaven

Snow in Breckenridge, again!
Posted by toby | Friday, October 8, 2010

I thought I was excited yesterday when I reported snow, then I drove down into town today and was suprised by this wonderful sight.  I was so excited in fact I drove up to baldy and took this picture.  Glorious!

Breckenridge Spring Skiing is over, but the snow is not.
Posted by toby | Friday, April 23, 2010
April 23rd, lifts are closed, town is quiet, 2 for 1's are creeping in, mud season is forthcoming, but the snow won't stop! Another winter storm is blowing through, just as I sit here writing. I was begenning to fancy the idea of khaki shorts, a hawaiin shirt, and packing away my thermal undies. However, as ullr so often does, the freedom of naked calves and forearms was jerked away- only to be replaced with the beautiful snow we desire so much... until april 18th.

Good news in this for anyone who loves to ski though, A-Basin is open, and the snow is going to fall through the weekend! Grind out one more ski day can I?
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breckenridge imperial express superchairlift, highest Chairlift in North America
Posted by toby | Thursday, March 25, 2010

hard to get closer to heaven than the breckenridge imperial express superchairlift, 12998 feet! Went up the other days after we had a few fresh inches, it was beautiful! Every run off the Breckenridge imperial Experss was covered with beautiful powder! Never been on the Breckenridge Imperial express, you need to! The chailift drops you at 12.,998 feet, highest chairlift in North America.

breckenridge ski day
Posted by toby | Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Went up today before going into the office to test our 70 inch base! IT was beautiful, of course, and the snow was fantastic. Just something about getting up on the mountain before the late morning crowd shows up. Peaceful, serene, indescribable really.

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Breckenridge Snow Conditions as of 2-19-2010
Posted by toby | Friday, February 19, 2010

Great Breckenridge Snow Conditions!

This week has been an Ullr send after a less than spectacular early season.

We have been blessed with almost 3 feet of snow in Breckenridge in the last 7 days. Most of the other resorts in the area have experienced similar totals. Below is a list of current conditions for Summit and eagle counties.

Snow Report Breckenridge
Last 24 hrs: 7 "
Last 48 hrs: 9 "
Last 7 days: 34 "
Base Depth 67 "
Season Total 168 "

Snow Report Vail
Last 24 hours: 5"
Last 48 hours: 7"
Last 7 days: 31"
Total Season Snowfall: 176"
Mid-Mountain Base: 47"

Snow Report Keystone
Last 24 hours: 3"
Last 48 hours: 4"
Last 7 days: 12"
Total Season Snowfall: 97"
Mid-Mountain Base: 39"

Snow Report A-Basin
Last 24 hours: 2"
Last 48 hours: 5"
Mid-Mountain Base: 35"

Snow Report Copper
Last 24 hours: 4"
Last 48 hours: 7"
Last 7 days: 22"
Total Season Snowfall: 144"
Mid-Mountain Base: 49"

Updated breckenridge snow report - 3/30/2009
Posted by toby | Monday, March 30, 2009

Updated Snow Report for Colorado ski areas- Breckenridge, Vail, Heavenly, Keystone, Beaver Creek for March 30th, 2008. Current snow conditions-

Breckenridge ski area
Mid mountain base- 76 inches Up from 52 last month
Total snowfall- 253 inches
100% of 2,378 acres open

Vail ski area
Mid mountain base- 73 inches
Total snowfall- 379 inches
100% of 5,289 skiable acres is open

Heavenly ski area
Mid mountain base- 88 inches
Total snowfall- 348 rideable inches
98% open

Keystone ski area
Mid mountain base- 60 inches
Total snowfall- 192 inches
100% open

Beaver Creek Ski area
Mid mountain base- 78 inches
Total snowfall- 346 inches
100% open

We had 4 beautiful weeks starting mid February. NO snow, sunny days, 40-50 degrees every day, it was almost like summer. However it was peak ski season, and many of us here were bummed. The thought of packing up skis and unpacking shorts had crossed my mind. But alas, Ullr always comes through in the clutch. We have had 34 Inches of snow in the last week, 3 feet, 5 inches a day, and it has stayed. The snow has fallen, temperatures have dropped, and the skiing is great. Many of you may have given up on this season, like I had, but trust me, the snow is beautiful and we are scheduled to get more during this week. Don't delay, reserve your Breckenridge lodging today. , for vacation rental homes and condos to accommodate you during your stay.

colorado snow report, breckenridge current conditions
Posted by toby | Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Snow Report for Colorado ski areas- Breckenridge, Vail, Heavenly, Keystone, Beaver Creek as of February 17Th, 2009. Current conditions and snow accumulation- Breckenridge ski area Mid mountain base- 52 inches Total snowfall- 184 inches 100% of 2,378 rideable acres open Vail ski area Mid mountain base- 57 inches Total snowfall- 286 inches 100% of 5,289 skiable acres is open Heavenly ski area Mid mountain base- 64 inches Total snowfall- 206 rideable inches 98% open Keystone ski area Mid mountain base- 42 inches Total snowfall- 130 inches 100% open Beaver Creek Ski area Mid mountain base- 59 inches Total snowfall- 266 inches 100% open When looking at these reports pay attention to the mid mountain statistic, it is not what they had, it is what they have. A higher mid mountain base means less chance of a core shot on your skis or board. Also, the more snow accumulation that a resort has, and the more that has melted, the more icy the on mountain conditions. In Breckenridge we are looking at a fairly large storm that will blow through over the next several days, hopefully dumping 12 or more inches of new snow. If you are looking to take a Breckenridge ski vacation please visit our site, , for vacation rental homes and condos to accommodate you during your stay.

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