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Last minute Vacation Rental and Lodging deals in Breckenridge Colorado, I can get Breckenridge condo for nothing?
Posted by toby | Thursday, March 5, 2009
So you want a deal on Your Breckenridge vacation, who doesn't. You have heard that the rental market is down due to the economy and Breckenridge vacation rentals are dealing out lodging for next to nothing? Do you want the truth?Kind of Due to the downturn in the economy people have lees money to spend, therefore, they can not afford a first class vacation rental condo or townhome in Breckenridge this year. So what are these cash strapped vacationers to do, look for deals. So, are they able to find them? Absolutely, Breckenridge lodging companies and direct rental owners alike have responded to the economic situation by lowering rates in order to increase interest in the vacation accommodations and secure bookings in a slow economy. Bottom line, the deals are out there, and if you look hard enough you can find them. One phrase to keep in mind when shopping- point of diminishing return. As you are out shopping for your last minute Breckenridge vacation deal you must remember that at a certain point it becomes a break even scenario for an owner or lodging company to discount their rates. Here is how it works from a lodging company perspective. 3 night stay in a studio at a discounted rate of $100 a night, $300 total-
total booking cost- $300
60% to the owner- -$180
Cleaning fee- -$50
Credit card processing- -$9
Supplies- -$5
Revenue before office overhead and taxes- $56
Now, with the reality laid out here, ask yourself- "would I rent my place for this much income?" I would imagine the answer is no, if not, I have a great business you may be interested in purchasing, call me!
If you are interested in a last minute deal on a vacation rental in breckenridge, please keep in mind that everyone has to make money for the deal to actually be offered. SO if you plan on offering $80 a night for the 2 br ski in/out condo in Breckenridge, don't expect much.
However, if you are looking for a reasonable deal for your Breckenridge vacation home or condo, visit us at and bid away. We are always looking to make a deal, and make money.
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