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Posted by toby | Friday, May 14, 2010
Well, the timing is strange, but we scream for it all year long. How does that saying go about watching for what you ask...

It is May, mud season, locals and visitors alike have certain expectations this time of year. Possibly a few good 2 for 1's, a short trip to the basin, packing sweaters and unpacking bikes, water steamrolling down the blue river, shorts. This May, 2010, has taught us all a lesson perhaps not that forgotten... Ullr will not be predictable.

As I sit writing this, watching clumps of soggy snowflakes clinging to one another as the float down to the muddy earth, I am reminded of that old saying. The one my mom told me when I was 13 and could not wait to get "hair on my face" so I could be "a man". Now, I have to shave from my cheeks to my collarbone, ear to ear. "Watch what you wish for", maybe it was, and still is, the warning in disguise that we all don't recognize...

I saw a bumper sticker today, it said- "Pray for Snow". Amen

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