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USA PRO Challenge 2014 - Breckenridge
Posted by toby | Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stage 5 finish of the USA Pro Challenge hits Breckenridge on August 22nd 2014, after a grueling 80 mile trek from woodland Park Colorado.  Though the first 55 miles are a beautiful and gradual ride through the Colorado countryside, the last 25 miles will take these riders over both Hoosier pass and Boreas pass, proving who the real climbers are.  Don’t miss the Finish of the USA Pro challenge in Breckenridge, at about 3:p.m. on August 22nd 2014.

USA Pro Cycling Challenge 2014 race day events-

Thursday August 21st Town of Breckenridge River walk Lawn- bike in movie night

Friday August 22nd will bring a free concert at the Breckenridge River walk Center- Big Head Todd and the Monsters at 7:30 p.m.

5 insiders tips to fully enjoy the race-

1. The race finishes at about 3:30, but you need to get your spot along main street early!  Activities begin at noon, and carry on until and after the race.

2. Speaking of early, if you are coming from the south to Breckenridge, the road will be closed for many hours prior to race time.  Get on the road early if you do not want to miss the finish of the USA pro challenge on Main Street.

3. Parking will be a zoo, so again, early birds will be happy!  If you arrive in town early, you may have a shot at parking in town at one of our many lots.  However, as the USA pro challenge finish gets closer, Main Street will be closed, and parking will be very limited.  The best places to find open parking are at the gondola lots, the satellite lot at the north of town, the ice rink lot, and the gold rush lot. 

4. Now you are here, early (hopefully), and you want to be in selfie distance from the finishing racers, right?  There is quite a long stretch of highway 9 in Breckenridge that will get you directly in the action, from the south entrance to town, past the ice rink, and several blocks past you will have a front row seat.  Also, several blocks north you will be able to get face to face with the athletes. 

5. Wait or wait.  The race is over, and you have a choice to make.  You can either wait in traffic, heading back to your Breckenridge vacation rental or back home, or you can wait in town for traffic to clear up, and enjoy all the shopping, dining, and activities that make our town special.  Stay, shop, have dinner, and go back to your bed happy and relaxed.  Unless you enjoy traffic…

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