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Breckenridge Kingdom Days 2015

Please join us for the opening event of the summer, Breckenridge Kingdom Days 2015. This unique event is held in downtown Breckenridge, and kicks off our beautiful summer season with a host of events, activities, and beautiful summer temperatures. Kingdom Days is the quintessential Breckenridge festival, and undisputed proof that we can throw a party like nobody else. The activities during Kingdom Days are as wild and colorful as our past, including gun fights, museum tours, food, outdoor activities, and outhouse races.

In addition to Kingdom Days in Breckenridge, this official kickoff to summer also includes the opening of the Breckenridge Gondola, the Breckenridge Summer fun park, Breckenridge Golf Course, and plenty of trails and paths to experience our vast wilderness. Summer will be in Full swing, opening up its bounty of beautiful flowers and trees, backwoods trails, flowing rivers, exotic wildlife, and beautiful scenery Breckenridge is known for. You will also be able to explore our fantastic town of Breckenridge, complete with a multitude of retail shops, gourmet dining establishments, historic museum attractions, and plenty of fun things for the kids. To sum it all up, June is the beginning of your ability to come to Breckenridge and enjoy every locals favorite season, and Kingdom Days is your invitation to live like a local.

Top 5 reasons to experience Breckenridge Kingdom Days 2015

  1. Weather- 70, sunny, the end.
  2. Gun Fights- well, guys with guns, dressed in old west costumes, shooting at each other with guns, full of blanks. Good as we can do for you legally.
  3. Free music- Breckenridge Kingdom Days features a free concert, on Main Street.
  4. History- Everywhere you look, history comes alive, and Breckenridge is rich with it, literally. Visit our multiple museums, tour our historic district, visit a working mine, or simply create your own bit of history in our arts district.
  5. Outhouse Races- Every year, teams of “professional” outhouse builders construct their most creative outhouse to race down Main Street. I believe the outhouses are emptied before racing commences.

Schedule of Events for Breckenridge Kingdom Days 2015

Breckenridge Kingdom Days is a celebration of our rich 150 year history and our dubious distinction as the "Kingdom of Breckenridge" (until 1936 at least). The term Kingdom was initially adopted by the town of Breckenridge as a response to being left off United States maps, until the error was corrected in 1936. During Kingdom Days in Breckenridge the town celebrates its colorful history of mining, gambling, saloons, brothels, gold rushes, and adventure

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