Posted on 8/1/2023

Updates Surrounding COVID-19

Update as of April 23rd, 2020 – no check-ins are to be allowed until May 31st. *Update as of April 2nd, 2020 – no check-ins are to be allowed until April 30th.

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Posted on 8/1/2023

What to Look for in Property Management Company

When you set out to buy a vacation rental property it can be an exciting journey. If you live at any distance from your vacation home, something you need to consider during that journey is hiring a property management company based in Breckenridge.

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Posted on 7/31/2019

Best Neighborhoods for Ski-in / Ski-Out in Breckenridge

With all this heat, you may be dreaming about your ski vacation. July is a great time to start planning so that you can secure your perfect vacation rental property before they someone else beats you to it.

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Posted on 7/15/2019

Top 5 Summer Activities for the Whole Family in Breckenridge

Summer brings warm daytime temperatures, cool comfortable nights, beautiful mountain views, wildflowers, and calm flowing streams. In addition to the ideal climate and setting in the summer, Breckenridge offers fun activities for the whole family. Check out these five family-friendly activities that will keep everyone entertained.

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Posted on 6/20/2019

Best Hikes to see the Wildflowers around Breckenridge

This winter had some incredibly extreme snowfall. As all that snow melts and moves down the mountain it encourages stunning, well-watered wildflowers. The more moisture the mountains get, the more magnificent the wildflowers are. This year is sure to be spectacular.

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Posted on 5/31/2019

How to Make your Vacation Rental Appeal to Summer Vacationers

Summer is prime time to rent out your vacation home. Families gather for reunions, old friends meet up, and couples find some one on one time during June, July, and August.

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Posted on 4/30/2019

Our Favorite Summer Events in Breck

Summer is full of fun community events in Breckenridge. You can gather with locals and tourists to celebrate art, music, acts of physical endurance, and great food and drink. The following is a list of our favorite summer events, but there are certainly more throughout the summer.

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Posted on 4/29/2019

Make the Most Out of Off-Season

Because Breckenridge is a seasonal town, it’s easy to forget the value of an off-season. We get so busy during high season, that we tend to just shut off when things slow down. There’s real value in downtime. We understand that. Nonetheless, we can also learn how to make the mud season work for you.

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Posted on 3/26/2019

Best Cross Country Skiing Trails in Breck

Most visitors to Breck are used to sliding down the slopes at top speeds, carving per-fect turns, and enjoying the thrill of a day on the slopes. However, there are other types of skis that are just as fun. Cross country skiing offers a whole new way to experience the mountains.

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Posted on 2/25/2019

Snowmobile tours in and around Breckenridge

Snowmobiling is a high-adventure, high-adrenaline sport that is the most fun in the deep powder, backcountry spaces that Summit County has to offer. On a snowmobile, you can travel far into the backcountry and see views unlike any other in the county.

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