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Breckenridge Property Management – FAQs from Owners

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What types of management service does Resort Managers offer to owners?

Breckenridge Resort Managers is a Full Service Property and Vacation Rental Management company offering two different types of Management- Partner Management and Full Service Management.

What is the difference between full and Partner management?

Full Service is just what it says, we do everything, for an all-inclusive (linen excluded) 35% fee. Partner Management is almost the same, but works with owners who like to market their units through VRBO sites to increase their revenue and remove the aggravating responsibilities that they do not want. The main difference is that we only charge a 25% fee for "owner referral" bookings.

35% seems like a lot, what do you do for 35%?

35% sure does seem like a lot, until you really examine what Resort Managers does and pays for out of that fee. Included in the 35% are hard costs such as marketing, minor maintenance, cleaning, laundry, check in/out, guest services, property checks, tax collection and remission, cc fees, amenities (soaps, shampoo, paper products), and several other things. It also goes to pay for owner services, office space, staff, phones, internet, computers, and the little bit that is left is profit. It costs a lot to service guests, and care for properties, and unlike many other rental management companies, we absorb most of that cost into our 35% fee.

Do you charge owners extra fees? Many companies do.

No. Everything is included in our management fee. Actually, we include many things in our management fee most companies do not, including- CC fees, Minor maintenance and repairs, and we pay for two owner cleans per contract year for full service owners!

How do you market my property and obtain rentals?

In today's vacation rental market the internet has become the prodigal son of any management companies marketing bundle, and a vital component of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Third party travel partnerships, Return guest advertising, Travel site referral advertising, Website Direct advertising, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Social Media, email marketing, banner ads, direct mail and brochures, and more. At Resort Managers we have developed a technologically advanced, efficient, and effective internet marketing strategy that will increase your bookings and net revenue.

How do you ensure guests return next year?

Many Breckenridge management companies associate guest services with spending. However, there are many more cost effective ways to provide guests with services that will turn a one-time guest into a loyal client. Here are a few examples of cost effective guest services- A detailed unit description and professional photos, A friendly and helpful greeting from our professional staff, Post check in satisfaction protocol, Post check out satisfaction survey with rebooking incentives.

How do you make sure guests do not damage my property?

This is the second most asked question we get, and for good reason. As a homeowner, you want to ensure your property is free from damage and loss, and we take this very seriously. We screen every guest to ensure they are a good match for your Breckenridge property, we have them accept a thorough rental contract, almost all bookings have a mandatory damage deposit policy the guest must purchase, we hold their CC until after the property has been inspected and found free from damage.

Though our goal is 0 loss and damage, that is simply not feasible, and we do have incidents sometimes. When that does occur, Resort Managers will always step up and take care of the situation to the best of our ability.

How do you ensure my property is always in good shape?

Checks, checks, checks. We perform an exhaustive series of property checks, during the vacation rental seasons, and following the seasons, to ensure quality maintenance of your home. Every time a guest departs, our housekeeping team preforms a thorough departure check to locate any damage or loss. Prior to each check in, our property checker preforms another full property check looking from loss and damage. Every week our senior management staff runs QC checks of select properties to ensure everyone is keeping high standards. Finally, after each winter and summer season, we do an extremely detailed inspection of each property for any maintenance items we need to attend to. In all, you property is checked dozens of times every month, and this allows us to maintain a very high standard.

Who cleans my property?

Our housekeeping team is a professional staff of 40 combined years' experience in short term rental cleans, and they are dedicated to us, providing for a consistent and quality team of on demand and accountable cleaners. Not only do they deliver consistent quality, but we put the same amount of trust in them we would each other.

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