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About Breckenridge – History, Attractions, & Stats

Breckenridge, Colorado took form over 150 years ago as a gold rush town, full of the exact same character that is pervasive in the town today. For nearly 100 years from the founding, Breckenridge maintained its identity as a gold and silver mining mecca, as well as a hub in the western rail system, thriving business community, and pass through for some of the most notorious old west gangsters. For ten years, from 1950 to 1961, Breckenridge became a ghost town, with no industry to rely on, and was on the brink of remaining that way.

1961, Breckenridge pioneers Trygve Berge and Sigurd Rockne, discovered "white gold", and founded Breckenridge Ski Resort with the opening of Peak 8. Over the years since Peak 8 opened, Breckenridge has gone through many transformations with the addition of Peak 9 in 1971, designation of our historic district in 1980, addition of peak 10 in 1985, peak 7 in 1993, installation of the gondola in 2007, and various other cultural and art additions make Breckenridge a one of a kind vacation destination.

Today, Breckenridge waits to greet all of our future "locals" with the same culture, character, and hometown flavor that took shape in 1861, and blossomed through the years. Staying true to our roots, Breckenridge offers not just a fantastic ski area, but also a vibrant and historic mining town full of the life only genuine history, potent arts, and a variety of music that inspire our locals and visitors alike to fill their senses, and find their home.

Historic District- Breckenridge is home to some of the most unique and genuine history in the Rockies and our town has continued to accentuate this over the years through historic preservation efforts. Breckenridge consists of one of the largest historic districts in Colorado, including 250 historic and Victorian structures, 6 operating museums spread throughout the town, each with its own unique take on the history of mining, skiing, Breckenridge, and Rocky Mountain History.

Arts District- Without question, arts are alive in Breckenridge. Our town arts district, upon completion, will expand itself to encompass a fully operational walking arts hub, complete with live demonstrations, classes, viewings, and a dozen art galleries. This district will stretch from the art district on Ridge Street, through the recent Abby Hall purchase gateway, across Main Street into the Blue River Plaza, and ending at the Riverwalk Center. In addition to the impressive size, the district will be pedestrian friendly, and encompass every type of art imaginable, including dance, metal work, painting, sculpting, and photography.

Theatre and Music- Breckenridge also boasts a thriving and maturing theatre and music scene, including live theatre, comedy, music, and local events. Our Riverwalk center hosts the National Repertory Orchestra, Breckenridge Music Festival, Comedy and Theatre productions, and a myriad of concerts. The Backstage theatre is elevating live theatre in Breckenridge with it live theatre production seasons that appeal to everyone.

Ski Area- the Breckenridge Ski area has developed into one of the snowiest and family friendly areas in North America due to the variety of terrain and mountains to explore. Breckenridge Consists of 4 peaks (7, 8, 9, and 10) with 31 lifts taking you to 155 trails spread over 2,358 acres of pure delight. More information on the mountain, and the surrounding areas, can be located on our Breckenridge Ski Resorts page.

Restaurants and Nightlife- Part of any great vacation is quality dining and vivid nightlife delivered in a vibrant package. Breckenridge is no slouch in this department, with 76 restaurants and bars to choose from, our town offers options from classic American, to comfy sports bars, to upscale dining, each with its own culinary twist.

Shopping- No, we don't just sell Breckenridge t-shirts and stickers. Breckenridge is a mecca of unique and lively boutique shops, each specializing in their own different creations. Hosting 160+ shops and boutiques, you could spend two days browsing our collection of handmade Colorado ware, gifts, gear, and yes, t-shirts too.

Breckenridge Town Stats

Breckenridge Population

  • Year Around Residents – 3,406
  • Peak Population - 36,157


  • Town- 9,603 feet / 2,927 meters
  • Peak 8- 12,998 feet / 3,962 meters

Town Size

  • 2,998 acres/4.68 square miles
  • 7 miles long
  • 2 miles wide


  • Restaurants and Bars - 76
  • Shops - 163
  • Grocery and Liquor Stores - 11
  • Historic District Buildings - 249
  • Parks - 2
  • Nordic Centers - 2
  • Ice Skating Rinks - 1 year-round / 3 winter
  • Golf Course - 1
  • Tennis Courts - 2 indoor and 12 outdoor
  • Museums and Art Galleries - 16
  • Libraries - 1
  • Churches - 5
  • Exercise Facilities - 3
  • Kayak Park - 1
  • Recreation Fields -3
  • Soccer Fields - 2
  • Amphitheater - 1
  • Daycare Centers - 5
  • Parking Lots - 13

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