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Breckenridge Property Management - Why Choose Breckenridge Resort Managers?

Why Trust Your Home with Breckenridge Resort Managers?

Professionally Managed Advantage

Many vacation rental owners confuse maximizing their income, with finding the cheapest resource to handle their large investment. Some decide on limited service agents, who take care of the details, while some take the path of (gulp) self-management to “increase their revenue”.

Sure, this can sometimes be successful. But does that make it a good idea? Though opinions differ, one thing is indisputable- the guest is the only credible person to give the informed and honest answer. What you and I think is not relevant. The guest does answer, with their short attention, wallets, and most importantly, their vast social network.

In today’s highly competitive and vast travel marketplace, there is little room for unprofessional management, or even worse, absence of management. Guests increasingly expect the “hotel experience” in their vacation rentals, and more often, they are having it provided.

Better and more productive management is just a click away!

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In this competitive travel market, if the primary factor in your choice of marketing and guest service is cost, failure will follow. Marketing to increasing savvy travelers and servicing their entire vacation process is not a place to be cheap, or the lowest bidder. Would you give your investment portfolio to a broker who prides themselves on being cheap, or not having proper business structure in place? I hope not.

Now, what about affordable, professional, and advanced? Sounds better, right? 16 advantages of partnering with Breckenridge Resort Managers:

  1. Prompt and knowledgeable attention on first contact
  2. Efficient and seamless booking system- online or by phone
  3. Professional and automated guest confirmation, including property details, and concierge information
  4. First in the industry guest planning platform where guests can communicate with each member of the party, plan, and enhance their vacation in our proprietary dashboard panel
  5. Points based rewards system for our guests, providing an additional incentive to repeat book with us, and remain loyal
  6. Automated guest contact system during vacation preparation period, providing property, concierge, and activity information for planning purposes
  7. 24/7 professional and friendly staff availability for guest questions, emergencies, and requests, including phone, email, and online points of contact
  8. Professional and automated arrival assistance information, including online maps, written directions, and expert assistance
  9. Comprehensive mobile application with vacation planning tools, arrival information, access information, mapping technology, and integrated guest communication tools
  10. Professionally maintained and conveniently located check in office, complete with abundant guest information and materials to enhance their vacation experience
  11. Professional staffing, including dedicated housekeepers, maintenance professionals, guest service agents, and after hours answering service
  12. Professionally managed housekeeping staff and pre-arrival property checking protocol, ensuring immaculate unit condition for guest arrival
  13. Late check in protocol, including an after-hours package pick up location, and professional on call agents to assist with issues
  14. Professionally managed key and parking pass distribution and collection system
  15. Comprehensive guest checkout procedures, inclusive of a post stay satisfaction survey
  16. Professionally managed email marketing platform, providing post stay incentives to guests who rebook with us

Do you successfully self-manage? Are you getting the most from your vacation rental manager?

Unless you are employing the 16 professionally managed advantages above, you are not. You can be more successful, with less work, and we are your lifeline. Instead of asking how much it costs to work with us, ask yourself how much it costs you by not working with us. How many hours spent, missed bookings, and general stress do you experience? We are here to help, at an affordable cost, with a smile on our faces. Your rental ownership experience can be easy and productive, with more time and satisfaction for you. Do not hurt your chances of long term success by looking for the cheapest option, your investment, and time, are worth more than the lowest bidder.

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Focus on professionalism, enhanced capability, cutting edge technology, and affordability. Succeed, by investing in your success, and becoming professionally managed. It will pay for itself.