Posted on 7/20/2012

Breckenridge Hiking Trails – Where to go

If you are coming to Breckenridge on a summer vacation, you are no doubt going to explore our wonderful wilderness in one of many different ways.  One of the least expensive, and most fulfilling ways to explore is visiting our huge network of Breckenridge Hiking trails that wind through the national forest the surrounds us.  These Breckenridge Hiking trails are a few of our favorites, and we hope you get the chance to enjoy them as well.

BOREAS PASS – This dirt road follows the old railroad route along Boreas Pass.

It is a gentle incline with fabulous views of the 10 mile range and Quandary Peak.

Drive South on Hwy 9 (Main Street) to the 2nd traffic light from the Welcome

Center and turn left onto Boreas Pass Road. Follow the road up the hill and past the

Breckenridge Lodge and continue until you come to the point where the road turns

to dirt. (10-15 minutes). Park in the lot and begin walking here. You may encounter

occasional car and bike traffic. This hike is out and back. It is 3 miles to Bakers

Tank, and 6.4 miles to the old Boreas Station at the top of the pass.

BAKERS TANK LOOP – This is a six mile loop that begins at the Boreas Pass

Lot. Look for the trailhead marker on the left hand side of the road. This trail winds

up the hill through the woods and comes out at Baker’s Tank on Boreas Pass Road

(about 3.5 miles from the parking lot). When you come to an intersection along the

way with multiple options, follow the blue blazes. The trail will bring you back

down to Boreas Pass Road after about 3 miles, at Bakers Tank. From there, follow

the dirt road back to the parking lot.

SALLY BARBER MINE – From the Welcome Center, drive north on Hwy 9/

Main Street two blocks and turn right onto Wellington Road. Set your odometer to 0

here. From here, the trailhead is 3.9 miles on the right hand side. Follow

Wellington up the hill, staying right at the Y intersection of Wellington and Reiling

Road (1.1 miles). You will now be on French Gulch Road. From this point, continue

on French Gulch Road until you see the parking lot with a big forest service map on

the right hand side at 3.9 miles. From the parking lot, walk along the road for one

tenth of a mile turn right at the fork with the gate across the trail. Continue along the

old mining road another mile or so. You will see the remains of the Sally Barber

Mine on your right, and you will have a wonderful view of the French Gulch Mining

Valley from here. This trail is a little over 2 miles out and back.

SAPPHIRE POINT- (Scenic Overlook) – From the Welcome Center, drive North

on Hwy 9 (Main Street) through the round-a-bout as you leave town. After about

five miles you will come to a traffic light where you will see Summit High School

on the left and Swan Mountain Road to your right. Turn right and continue up to the

summit (appx. 5-7 minutes) where you will see a small parking lot on the left.

The overlook is approximately % mile ahead, with spectacular views of lake Dillon,

Summit County. From there, the trail continues in a short loop back to your car.

REILING DREDGE TRAIL  From the Welcome Center, drive North on Main

Street two blocks and turn right onto Wellington Road. Follow Wellington road 1.1

miles to the intersection of Wellington and Reiling road. You will now be on French

Gulch Road. Stay right and follow French Gulch road as it turns to dirt and then

continues past the Country Boy Mine on the right. From the Country Boy Mine, the

entrance to the Rieling Dredge trailhead is 1 mile on the right hand side. It is not

well-marked, but there is a wooden trail head marker directly across from the

parking lot on the right side of the road. Park in the lot on the left and walk across

the road to the trailhead. Follow the trail across the creek to the Reiling Dredge.

This is a short, easy walk of less than a mile out and back.

IOWA HILL TRAIL   this is a one mile loop in a mining area with interpretive

stops along the way. The trail winds its way up and then down a hillside. From the

Welcome Center, drive north for one mile on Hwy 9 (you will pass through the

roundabout). Turn left on Valley brook Road and then right on Airport Road. After

.25 miles the Iowa Hill trailhead will be on your left, directly north of the Publics

Works facilities. As you turn in, stay right and drive up the dirt road to the second

Iowa Hill trail sign. Bus route: From the Bus transit station, take the Airport Road

route and get off at the Public Works stop.

BURRO TRAIL – Drive south on Hwy 9 / Main Street from the Welcome Center

and turn right at the 1st traffic light onto Park Avenue. Continue on Park for one

block and then turn left onto Village Road. Continue for a couple of blocks to the

parking lot on your left just before Beaver Run Resort hotel. Enter the lot and

continue driving to the left far corner of the lot and exit at the sign that says “County

Road.” Park here. Follow the dirt road until you see a pole fence on the left. Go

through the gap in the fence and cross the ski trail between lift tower 5 and 6. You

will see a sign for the Burro Trail straight ahead. It eventually intersects Spruce

Creek Road. From here you can turn back, or continue on to the Spruce Creek Loop

or Mohawk Lakes Trail. Approximately six miles round trip.

SAWMILL TRAIL—This is a P/2 mile round trip up to the Sawmill Reservoir

and back. This hike is accessible from town and great for kids or just a short easy

hike. Go up Four O’Clock Road and continue uphill for .3 miles. At the intersection

of Four O’Clock Road and Kings Crown Road, turn left and the trailhead is located

immediately on the right next to the Snowflake Lift.

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