Posted on 4/23/2009

Breckenridge Lodging- where do I stay during my Breckenridge Summer Vacation?

It is April, ski season is over, and you are planning to com to Breckenridge to raft the Gorge, what sort of Breckenridge lodging should you be looking for?

Summer in Breckenridge, as you may know, is completely different than winter. Due to the fact that the ski area is closed and the action is focused in other places, your Breckenridge lodging needs might change. Ski in/out Breckenridge Lodging is great, when you can ski. Ski area views are wonderful, but not as exciting in the summer. So, where to stay?

I can make a few recommendations for where you might concentrate your search for Breckenridge lodging-

In town is the place to be- Because the ski area is closed, the action centers around the town. Any nightlife, dining, or activity your want to experience will be in town. Close to town, close to the action.

On the bus route is great- The town and county have a bus system that will take you anywhere you like, for free!! This is great in the summer for short trips around town.

Forget paying for enclosed parking- If it comes included with your Breckenridge Lodging, great. But don’t feel the need to pay more per night for it. Breckenridge in the summer is usually beautiful, no snow to push off of the car in the morning.

Below are a few of our in town properties that would make great Vacation destinations for your summer vacation in Breckenridge.

Liftside studio, in town, on the bus route.

River Mountain lodge 1br, in town, on bus route

Village Point 3br, in town, on the bus route

Or, to browse our entire selection of Breckenridge Lodging, visit

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