Posted on 10/6/2009

Breckenridge Ski and snowboard rentals, how to get great service and a good discount.

There are an ever expanding variety of Breckenridge Ski and snowboard rental companies in town. Probably upwards of 25-30 Breckenridge ski rental companies inhabit The town in all shapes and sizes. You have the typical main street storefront shop that can rent you skis, boots, and sell you a pair of gloves and a hat while you wait.

They typical Breckenridge ski rental shop experience is this- find a shop without a line out the door, wait in line, fill out a form, wait in line, walk up the stairs, wait in line, try on a boot, wait in line, pick out a ski, wait to have bindings adjusted, wait in line to pay, take your gear to your car, try to fit your rossi 190's in your rented Toyota prius, attempt not to slit your throat on the ski edges protruding into the front seat. Sound fun right!?

There is another option for those of you who would rather check in to your Breckenridge vacation home and have your skis brought to you.

Breckenridge Resort Managers has partnered with Ski Butlers to bring convenience and great service to our guests. Additional, if you book with us, and rent your gear through ski butlers you will receive a 10% discount on your rentals.

Visit us at for more information on Ski Butlers, or to book your ski rentals online.

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