Posted on 5/20/2009

Great places to vacation on the West coast- California vacation rentals

These are some sample seasons and rates for a 2br unit, beachfront. Region- West Coast- California makes up this entire area. The water and temperature both get warmer going south down the coast. The summer seasonis between June and September.

Stinson beach, CA

Jun-Sep -$2400/wk
Oct-May -$2100/wk

Santa Cruz,CA

Sep-Apr – $285/nt
May-Aug – $385/nt

Malibu, CA

Oct-May – $2,500/wk
Jun-Sep – $5,000/wk
Holidays- $3,500/wk

Santa Barbara, CA

Jan-Mar – $2600/wk
Apr-May – $2800/wk
Jun-Aug – $3200/wk
Sep-Oct – $2800/wk
Nov-Dec – $2600/wk
Holidays- $3200/wk

Venice Beach,CA

Oct-May – $275/nt
June-Sept – $325/nt

Laguna beach,CA

June 14 -Sept 4 ………$3500/wk
September 5 – March 30 ..$2200/wk
April 1 – June 13 – $2300/wk
Sept 5th – May 30th – $365/nt

Mission beach, CA

Dec 13,'08-Jan 3,'09-$325/nt
Jan 3-Apr 3,'09 -$300/nt
Apr 3-Apr 19,'09 -$350/nt
Apr 19-May 9,'09 -$300/nt
May 9-30,'09 -$375/nt
May 30-Aug 22,'09-$500/nt
Aug 22-Sep 26,'09-$375/nt
Sep 26-Dec.12,'09-$300/nt

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